Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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24. The Party


"Dear?" My mother said, to my father "Will you please take the bags to Riley’s room please?" My dad took the bags and headed up stairs.

“My room?” I asked.

“Yes.” My mother gave me an odd look.

“I just thought he would stay in the guest room…” That means, Harry and I will have to share my room. Well, at least half of my stuff is packed away and there’s nothing that embarrassing out.

“Your Autn is staying in the guest room.”

“Why is she…” I started to ask.

“Later.” my mother had one her fake; ‘let’s not talk about it here smiles.

This means bad news. About what I don’t know, I’ll just have to wait and see.  

More than half of the people in the room was looked over at me. My eyes zoom around the room. Landing on the one person I wanted to see most, Shannon.

“Shannon!” I yelled.

Ripping free from Harry, dashing myself to my best friends. Tossing my arms around her, she hugged me back. Her dark hair is straight now, her lips a bright pink. I smiled but when she smiled she didn’t look totally happy. We gave each other a look that said “Everything will be fine.” one that only best friends like us would or could understand.

I felt a hand on my lower back.

“Hello, Shannon. How are you?” a British voice said.

Shannon and I both knew who it was without even look, as Harry was the only British guy here. Could even be the only British guy in my whole town.

“Hi.” Said she said in a flat tone.

I gave her a look that said ‘be nice’.

“I’m good, how are you?” Shannon’s voice was bubble and fake.

“Good, thanks.” Harry said in a voice that sounded hurt.

I couldn’t help but feel bad, in a way. Understanding where both of these people are coming from is harder than I thought. Here’s my best friend, who I have known my whole life. And then there’s Harry the guy I married while I don’t even know him. But starting to. He can be sweet but full of himself. He’s caring but funny. He could easily be perfect but there is no such thing as perfect. Nothing can or will ever be perfect.

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