Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

Book 2 is here:


15. Story Telling



Harry's mother's cup was now in pieces on the flour. She just sat there looking between Harry and I. I just bit my lip, unsure what to say or do.

Mum?” Harry said.

He got up to pick up the pieces. I got up to help him.

Is she okay?” I whispered to Harry.

Yea, just surprised, I think.” He whispered back.

I got this.” I said as I nodded my head towards his mom.

He just looked at me then he got up and sat next to him mother.

Mum?” His voice was soft.

Is she pregnant...”

No! We're just in...” He said.



My stomach tightened and my heart stopped. It all sounded so believable. My fingers laid softly on a piece of the cup waiting to see what she or Harry was going to say next. She just looked at Harry then she smiled.


Next week.” He smiled.

She hugged him, smiled. Her eye wet with tears.

I can't believe it. Is there anything I can do?”

He giggled “That's why I'm just telling you, I didn't want you to have to do anything.”

He then kissed her check. Smiling. I sat there looking from him to her, then back again. She took that well. Harry's hand brushed mine, picking up the piece miy hand was on. I looked at him but he was just smiling at me, I smiled back.

Oh, honey, he can take care of that.” She reached her hand down to help me up.

Thanks.” I said smiling.

So how did you to meet?” She asked getting herself a new cup of tea.

In an old record.” She looked at me, her face told me she wanted to know more. “Um, I went to grab a record, that I might add I've been looking for years, when he reached in and took it right from me.”

It was...” Harry started to say sitting next to me.

I'm telling the story.” I said giving him a 'I'm telling it' look.

He wouldn't give it to me, being heard headed and all. Unless, I would go on a date with him. So, like any girl who has a weakness for good music and cute guys, I agreed and I'm still waiting for that record.” Harry's hand slipped over mine.

We talked a few more hours before Jack showed up, telling us it was time to go.

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