Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

Book 2 is here:


28. Rooftop Hide Out


Harry hasn’t changed; he doesn't remember telling me he was falling in love with… maybe it wasn’t true. Just the drinks talking, messing up his mind. Harry and I have to plan a party for next week, the day before the judge who will grant the divorce. At this party there will be livestream for the fans, family, the world to see. It’s where Harry and I will tell the world that the marriage will be ending. And this whole thing will be in the past. No more acting…

I’m not sure why that makes me sad. It’s not like I thought… maybe, just maybe, what he told me so many night ago was true. I meant it. I really was falling for him. His smile, messy hair. His busy crazy hours. Everything about him made me smile or blush well not when he wasn’t being a jerk.

The guys were out doing another interview while I sat here being told how the party would go.

“Jack, can’t this wait til Harry’s here?”

“Harry is a busy man.”

“Well, just tell me where I need to be, that’s all that matters right?”

Jack gives me a look. It’s not like I really care. Harry will go one way and I’ll go my own way. I’ll forever be known as Harry Styles first wife. Not that I care. In this moment I don’t feel like I care about anything. My messy hair, what food will be at the party or even all the hate mail, tweet things I get or how I will getting more after the party.

“Hi!” a British voice said when opening the door. It was Liam.

“Hey.” I said.

“So, what’s going on?”

“Nothing like planning a party.”

“Where’s Harry?” I asked.

Right then the door opened and three other guys walked in but no Harry.

“Riley, you wanna go for lunch?” Louis asked.

“Sure?” It came out more as a question.

I picked up my phone, bag and we head out.

“So, where’s Harry?”

“I don’t know, he ditched right after the interview.” Louis said once we were in the hallway.

He held open the hotel door. Walking a few blocks before coming by a Hotdog stand. Ordering, Louis pointed to a bench. Siting I take a bit.

“This party... is that when it’s going to happen?”

“The day before the judge will grant…”

“And you’ll tell everyone?” He asked.

“That Harry and I rushed into things, it’s not working, or to young, bla bla bla.” I took a bit.

“How do you feel about it?”

“Truth?” I said. “I think the party is a waste…”

“Not the party.” Louis said.

I knew what he was talking about he meant Harry and I. I just took another bite, and another.

“You can’t just keep eating, you’ll only have a few bits left.”

I paused.


“Yeah.” He said, looking at me.

“I don’t know.”

The cars sped by as I took my last but swallowing.

“How does Harry…”

“I don’t know he won’t talk to be about it.”

“Why would he even want to talk about it he’s…”

“Keeping his feelings…” His phone rang. “Sorry I need to get this.”

He stepped away. Keeping his feels about what? I watch as he talk, his lips moving but I can’t hear a word he saying.

A flash of light clicks next to me. Even though it’s day time I can still see the light of someone taking a photo. Louis’s voice filled my ears as he walked over. He pulled onto my sleeve; meaning I should get up and follow. Knowing this since Harry does it all the time.

Louis was still talking while we walked down the sidewalk. People move out of his was, but I had to push my way though many groups of teen girls. Cutting in front of me wanting to look or get closer to Louis, the funny guy of One Direction.

Louis just kept walking. Coming to stop at a tall skyscraper. The door then opened, I came face to face with a face I know well, Harry.

“Hey.” I smiled.

“Hi.” He says quickly and the hugs me; leaving his arm around me.

“Let go in.” Jack says.

Walking in. The inside was crisp and clean; you could hear every step of every simply person. Black suits, dress suits and neat hair. I kinda feel out of place with my skinny jeans and messy hair. Harry and Louis seemed to belong here; so how. Even with their messy hair and skinny jeans. So, why do I feel out of place? This couldn’t be a simple meeting. I think its the official meeting. The last meeting that will close up the whole thing.

Harry and I sit on one side while Louis, still on the phone, waited in the Hallway. Jack and two other people a man and woman who I didn’t know sat on the other side. They talked, I listened. Part way through I just stopped listening. It was mostly about how I wouldn’t get anything after the divorce because there wasn’t anything to split. Harry and I don’t have our own place or car or pets or nothing like that. It was boring.

Harry bumped my leg with his under the table. I thought he didn’t mean to until I felt his leg hitting mine again. Looking over at him, he showed me his phone where I could only see it.

‘Board?’ It read.

I gave him a look, lifting my eyebrows. He typed something.

‘Wanna go?’

‘How?’ I mouthed back. How Jack or the other wouldn’t see.

‘Follow my lead...’

Those three words should make me want to stay here, as this guy knows trouble. But if I hear one more little legal word Harry Style won’t have to divorce me, I’ll jump out the window before then.

Harry got up. There was some bottle of water at the end of the table. He opened one drinking it. I just watch him. If this is his…

“Water?” He asks me holding a bottle. Getting up I head for it.

“Continue, just drinking some water.” Harry said.

All three look back down on to the papers. Harry sat down his water, looping his fingers around mine before. He pulled me to the door and then he ran pulling me with him.


I thought he had a different idea, ‘I have a headache’ or ‘need to go to the bathroom’ something other than just dashing out of the room running. I didn’t mind. I busted with laughter as we waiting by the elevator.

“Harry!” Jack voice boomed.

“They going to…”

“Come on.” Harry opened a door that lead to the stairs.

Believe he would head down, I stepped that way. But Harry pulled me the other way, up.

“They’ll expected down, lets go up.”

Up, up, and up. My phone buzzed and so does his. Glad I turned it off before the meeting. His fingers were tight around mine. At last the stairs came to a door. Harry pushed it open. It was the roof.

“Wow!” Harry said.

I didn’t speak. The view was beautiful. A sea of skyscrapers. The sunlight bounced off the glass, the sound of the city was light and there was a little breeze.

I walked to the edge, looking down I about throw up. It was so high up. Stepping back I walked right in to Harry. I looked up into his face.

“A little high.” I looked right into his eyes.

For the first time in weeks his eyes looked nice, soft, caring. Like the eyes I knew back on the ‘honeymoon’; the first week or so of this. When I thought Harry and I could end this as friends. But now…

I bit my lip and look away.

“I like it up here.” Harry said.

Sitting down I watch him.


He looked over at me, then back out over the buildings.

“There’s something peaceful about the craziness of the city life”

He then walked, sitting next to me.

It was quite. The cars driving, you could even hear a light chat of people talking.

Opening my bag, taking out some candy I offer some to Harry. He smiles and takes it. Eating a few bits before I place my hands on the ground next to me. Harry does the same, his hand brushes mine.

I hold back a smile.

I wanted to ask him what Louis could have been talking about, but I couldn’t bring myself too.

Standing up Harry held out his hand to me. Putting away my candy I pull out my phone and see missed calls and texts. I squeezed the phone as I put it back in my bag. Taking his hand, pulling me up; he leads me to the door. About halfway down the stairs, a door opens.

“Harry?” A voice yells.

Harry pushes me into a corner, if someone was looking up or down the stairs they wouldn’t seen him or I. Looking up at him, he was already looking at me. His eye darted quickly to my lips. So fast I thought I was just seeing things, but then he did it again. Oh, how I wanted to look away from him but I couldn’t. He moved closer, my heart pounding. He started leaning down, I thought, no, knew he was going to kiss me. But then my phone rang. Causing me to jump, the made Harry step back. Taking out my phone I turn the sound back off, I must of turned it back on when I put it back in my bag. I glanced at Harry who was looking down the spiral stairs.

“Come on.” He said, not looking or taking my hand; and like that Harry has changed again.

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