Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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9. No Say


Harry pulled open the door; there was a guy in a black tux.


“He couldn’t come, he’s in London.” The guy wasn’t even looking up him eyes were locked on to his phone.

“But I need him…” Harry started to say.

“I am the one who takes care of this kind of stuff for him.” The man said looking up for the first time.

“So this is her, she’s a beauty you sure you don’t want to keep her?” The guy said.

“I’m Jack.” He said holding out his hand to me. I shock his hand.

“Riley.” I said.

Harry just looked at me. I’m not sure why, so I just looked away.

“So are you going to help?” I asked Jack.

“Come on.” He walked out the door I looked at Harry but once again he was just looking at me.

Man, how I wish I could read him mind but then again, I might not like what he’s thinking.

“Come on.” He said waiting by the door for me.

I walked by. “Who were you hoping for?” I asked.

Simon Cowell.” He said it like it’s nothing big.

And to him it was nothing. But to me, that was huge. I couldn’t even think that I’ve spent more the twenty hours with Harry. Thee Harry Styles.

The drive there I didn’t say a word. I don’t see why Harry thinks this guy can do anything. He said no. So, I don’t really see away around this. Harry and Jack talked back and forth. I glazed out the window but my eyes kept want to go to Harry.

Pulling up we went in, Jack told us to wait in the waiting area. The same one that we’ve already spend most of our day. He came back “The judge said he’ll see us in his office.”

I followed them down the hallway. Harry and I waited outside the office, well Jack went to see if he couldn’t get this undone.

My legs were bouncing up and down. I couldn’t wait any long, this was driving me crazy.

“Can you please stop that?” Harry said placing his hand on my leg.

Blush filled my face as I looked at his hand on my leg. “Sorry.” He said removing it.

The door opened. “Please, come in.” Jack said.

I thought Harry was hard to read. Nothing compared to Jack; Jack was a clear night with no starts, just an endless of nothingness. Nothing.

The door shut, looking back Jack wasn’t; scanning the room he wasn’t there either. Great to he came to help and the left us to deal with the judge. It felt like he had invited us to feed the sharks but then turned out we’re the food. 

“So you just think you can call someone to fix your little problem?” The judge asked.

I know that wasn’t a good way to start this. Harry opened his mouth I elbowed him in the side. Giving him a ‘don’t make this worse’ look. He just looked at me and glared.

“So I’ll do this…” the judge said. Was he really going to change his mind? Can money really bye you your way?

“You can go to jail for six months or married for thee.” The judge flat said.

I guess not all money can bye you your way. Will this shark just eat me already…

“I can’t go to jail for six months. I have tours, recoding, and interviews. I’ll get fan hate and…”

“And I don’t want to go to jail.” I cut in once again he doesn’t seem to thing of anyone but him and his world.

“Yea.” Harry adds.

“Then it’s married for three months. You’ll have to live together, work out problems together and deal with this together.” The judge said. 

Well, anyway I’ll have to make change. It’s not like Harry’s going to give up his life for three moths, so little old me can go to college.

“But I have college.” I said.

“Well, that’s something you’ll to have to work out.” The judge said.

“I’ll give you guys two weeks before you have to release the news.” The judge said.

“I… my fans… my…” Harry was stumbling over his words.

I heard a click. “They’ll do the three moths of marriage.” Jack said while he was shutting the door.

“Good.” The judge said.

He signed new papers and gave us a copy.

That was that. Harry and I had no say in this. What if I changed my mind and wanted to go to jail? I don’t think that would have matter. Not that I wanted too. But I do have rights… well I thought I did. But with this mess it seems like I don’t have a choice ‘three months isn’t too long.’ I thought to myself.

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