Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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16. My Turn



After I said goodbye, I watched Harry say his goodbyes to his mother. I didn't look easy. It must be hard being away for so long, away from home. Wondering if he would take it back just so he could stay home.

Harry held open the car door for me to get in.

"Thanks." I said.

He just nodded his head.

"The judge sent over the final papers for you to sign." He handed them and long with a pen to each of us as he rounded the corner.

"What does it say?" I asked flipping through it.

"Just what he said." Jack said.

"Does he always text this much?" I whispered to Harry. As Jack was once again texting.

"You should see him on a busy day." He whispered back.

Reading part here and there I see 'if traveling must share a room together' 'must post photos of each other or together' so the basic point was 'must make everyone believe you really in love' Is this what it was like for Katniss and Peeta?

I looked at Harry. He was gazing over his copy of the papers. Flipping to the last page I sign my name. My hands are shaking, heart pounding; well there's no turning back now.

The plane ride back to home was quite; I slept most of the time. And when I didn't sleep I went over what I was going to tell my family, but no luck.

"So, you think I'm cute?" I soft voice filled my ear.

Looking at Harry I study his face for a quick season or two.

"Why? Do you care what I think? I could have just been making that part up too." I said. He thought about it.

"No, I don't care, I just was wondering." He said.

"I mean, your not bad to look at." I acted like I was studding his face. But let face it she more then 'not to bad'. I didn't say anything. He gave he a 'so' look.

"Yea, your cute in your own little way." I said causing him to smiled a bit. I rolled my eyes at him then shutting then I try and rest a bit more.

Wake up, Riley.” His British voice echoed in my head.

I was finally sleeping well. Looking at him, I gave him a 'really?' look.

He just smiled. Walking out to the airport, seeing we are now in my home town. Jack lead us towards a car. It was a nice spring day, and everything seems brighter. Telling them the way to my families home. The more we drove, the more my leg bounced; up and down. The more I thought, the more I felt I might get sick. We pulled up to the house I've lived in from the age of three. Each step closer then more I wish I could just text them, E-mail even maybe. It would be quicker and easier. Looking at the door different memories flooded back to me.

Honey?” I turned to see my mother.

Her knees and hands had dirt on them. That means she was planting, also means she's in a good mood. That's a plus.

I just smiled at her.

And you must be Harry.” She said.

Yea, nice to meet you.” her smile grow bigger when he spoke.

Now, I know what she see's in you.” my mother said.

What?” He smiled with an eyebrow up.

Riley has always had something for the dimples, British...”

Mom!” I giving her a look she knows all to well.

Sorry, should we head out back?”

Yea, that would be fine.” I said.

I started to walk off when Harry slipped his hand in mine. He acted like this was something he does all the time. While I tried to act like this was nothing new.

My mother brought us each a can of soda and a bottle of water.

I didn't know what you'd like.” She said to Harry as she handed me a cream soda.

Whatever.” My mom just looked at him.

He'll take the soda and the bottle of water to go.” I said taking both.

She would have just waited until he choice himself.

After a bit my mother asked “So how did you two me?” This time Harry took charge telling the story. The whole time my heart was pounding. Harry had just finished telling the story. My mom got up to go get something for us to snack on when I blurted out.

I'm getting married next week!” It just came out.

I was going to tell her when she can back but the words jumped out. My eyes widen as I can't believe I dropped it like a bomb. Giving now clue, not even a little, tiny clue just. Boom!

Harry looked between my mom and I. She smiled.

Really?” She asked in a tone as if she doesn't believe me.

Yes.” Harry said a bit defensive.

I'll be back with some snacks.” She said.

I just looked at her. This is not how I thought she was going to take it. Harry just looked at me unsure. A part of me felt hurt. Then, 'She's getting married!' we heard a yell from the house.

She went to tell my father.” I rolled my eye and sat back.

Are you...”

Yea, I'm fine.”

My mom can back but she wasn't alone Jack was with her. Was it time to go?

I hate to say this Riley...” Jack said with out his phone, he wasn't texting. “But it's time for Harry to get going but you'll see him soon.”

I'll walk you to the car.” I said to harry getting up.

As we walked off, Harry once again took my hand this time I was a bit glad you did. As in this moment he was the only person who knows what I just went through.

Riley, are you sure you're a right.?” Harry said. He pushed so hair out of my face.

I don't know if I can do this.” I said.

You can.”

I just nodded my head, biting my lip.

Is my mom still watching?” Harry's eyes dashed over then back to me.

Nope.” He said then hugging me he got into the car. I waved but didn't wait for the car to drive off, I walked into the house and up to my old room, shutting the door. A few seconds later I heard the door open.

Mom, I don't feel like...”

It's me.” His voice filled the air.


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