Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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20. Internet's Power


Harry woke me up once the jet landed. He took our bags and my hand, heading for a car parked off to the side of the runway. I knew it was only time before people found out where Harry and I are for the next three days. The sun was shining as is began to sit as Harry placed our bags in the back of the car. I figured that someone would be driving us so I was surprised when Harry opened the passenger door before running around getting in the front seat.

You mean, you can drive yourself?” I joked, getting in the car.

Smiling he said, “Yea, so you better hold on.” He rubbed up the car's engine. Before driving off. The windows are down, sun was setting. Harry was coming to a stop went he turned on the radio; I couldn't help but smile. Coming to another stop when I heard a snapping sound; looking over, Harry was lowering his phone.

Did you...?”

Not my first one.” He had a little sideways smile.

What do you mean?” I asked, I reached for his phone but he moved it.

Smiling he said, “You have your own.”

If I can see them from my phone that means he's posting them, on the internet, where anyone can see them. But what ones?

I haven't had my phone all day; it was in the trunk of the car with my stuff. It was starting to get dark out. As soon as Harry turned off the car, I jumped out. Dashing to the back, I wait for Harry to slowly make his way to the back.

You want something?”He was holding his keys in one and his phone is the other.

Looking at him, I dashed towards him, but he moved.

Harry!” I said.

Yes?” He asked, smiling.

I slowly walked, one step at a time. Once I was almost arm's reach of Harry; he took a step back. With every step forward he took one back.

You wanna dance more?” He said, smiling.

I knew he must of loved this, so I did the only thing I could think of, I took running after him. He was faster than he looked. Finally I couldn't run anymore. Bending over I had a cramping pain on my side.

You okay?” Harry yelled.

Yeah.” I called back.

His footsteps echoed as he made his way back to me.

Here.” He said, holding out his phone.

Biting my lip I deciding if I should take it or not.

I'll show you.” He said, taking my hand, pulling me back to the back where he jumped on the back and took a seat. Pulling myself up next to him. He shows me what photos he has posted. One of my family and I. An other one of Shannon and I, me sleeping on the plane and then the one he took from the car. “The one...” he pointed to the car one, “is my favorite.” Smiling bummed my shoulder into him.

Then next morning I could hear talking “Yes, I know...” I pulled myself awake. Harry wasn't on his side of the bed. He was out on a balcony talking into his phone.

I gotta go, she's awake.” He said, smiling.

Making my way out I see that I'm on an island; white sand and blue waters. This was nice. To bad, this, couldn't be the three months. He kissed my cheek.

There people down there, watching us.” He said without looking.

The power of the internet, can be scary. I heard a beep from my phone.

It's been doing that all morning. The world knows.” He looked down and waved to the people. Yells and screams filled the air.

So what do you want to do today?” Harry asked, pulling me inside.

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