Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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26. I’ll Take You To My Favorite Places

26 ~

Harry and I waited by the door as my parents talked. It was their idea that I take Harry out and show him my town. I don’t know why? I mean yes they think I’m madly in love with this British, dimpled smile guy but I hope they don’t get hooked… or me. I mean, I think Harry and I may end as friends but that’s all. The street was quite. More quiet than it’s been in weeks.

“So, this is where I live.” I said, looking back at my house. “And this…” I walked over to the mailbox. “Is where I get the mail.” Harry chuckled.

“You don’t mind walking do you?” I asked.

“No, lead the way.” He was smiling, and for the first time since being here it almost seemed real.

“Okay.” Leading the way I walked a few blocks. No one was around this wasn't odd. With the next school year starting, most people are in the nearby city shopping all the sales.

Harry grabbed my hand; I looked around thinking someone was watching us. But I didn’t see anyone. Harry wasn’t looking at me. He was looking forward. Smiling a little. Biting my lip I hold back a smile.

“I’ll take you to my favorite places.” I said turning looking at him I began walking backwards to I could stay watching him.

Hands still linked, stretched out between him and I. Turning a corner I pull him with me. It’s been almost two week since I’ve been in my favorite Coffee Shop.

“So, this is Coffee Shop and yes that’s the name of it.”

“Well, at less it’s hard to forget the name.” He smiled.

The shop was filled with tables and chairs all matching. The walls are a soft brown with white Christmas lights around the top and little gold stars hanging from the ceiling. I placed the order, Harry paid but we didn’t sit. “Come on.” I was watching him as his eye took in the Coffee Shop once more. He didn’t seem to even think about it before he dropped his arm around me. Five minutes later I walked up a hill off the roads and the only park in town. I sat.

“This could easily be my favorite spot.” It overlooked the park and part of the town. It was a simple view, nothing really special about it.

Harry reached in his pocket and pulled out a cookie. I didn’t even notice he had gotten it. Breaking it in half he gave me half. Taking it, I said thank you. No one talked as the few bits of cookie was being eaten. I let out a deep breath. Harry bummed me with his shoulder. Smiling I look over at him. Part of his hair, fell in front of his face. Without think I brush it back, out of his face. He smiled at me. I could tell he was think but I wish I knew what. I forced myself to look away so I wouldn’t ask.

“Riley?” Looking I heard a clicking sound.

“Hey!” Playfully a reached for his phone.

Right when I leaned for it. Harry kissed me. A few seconds passed before I realized. Kissing him back softly, I heard a clicking sound. My heart feel. I wasn't sure if he was kissing me for the photo, for the internet or because he wanted too. Pulling away I looked for answers but his face was hard to read. I beat mine wasn’t any easier. Looking away, then I hear my phone beep. Pulling it out it read ‘Harry tweeted you’ I braced myself for the kissing photo but it wasn’t it was the first one he took. The tweet said ‘Spending the day with Riley on her hill.’ I smiled. Knowing that maybe the kiss wasn’t just for the internet. Wait what was I thinking. This wasn’t going to last. It won't be long before Harry goes back to his world and I stay in mine.

“Come.” I reached out my for him. I opened the door the smell of paint, string and paper filled me.

“This is my favorite shop. I worked her for three years before I quieted, for college.”

“You like doing art?” Harry asked.

“I like drawing but that’s about it. I like the possibility that comes with all of this. You can make about anything your mind comes up with.”

“Kinda like when it comes to making music.” Harry said.

“Yes, just like that. You never know what you’ll really get until you're all done.” We looked about for a bit longer before I showed him a few more shops. Harry and I tried on hats at one store, looked at CD in the music store, then walked around some more.

“We should go, I still need to talk to my parents before we head out.”

“Sure. But one second.” He walked over to some younger girls.

“Hi.” I could hear him say. The girls were smiling. He took photos with them, signed some stuff before one of the girls followed him back. He took out his phone and handed it to her.

“She’s going to take a few pic of us.” He answered before I could ask.

He dropped his arm around me, I smiled. A goofy on the girl said. I looked at Harry who was making a face, I turned back sticking out my tongue and crossing my eyes. I giggled. Click. I looked at Harry he was looking at me, I smiled at him. The girl stepped forward. I looked away from Harry. Quickly I sent the photos to myself, while Harry thanked the girl for taking the photos.

“Sammy...” I said.


“Tell you brother I say ‘hi’” Her smile grow.

“I will.” Smiling she walked off.

“No surprise, you'd know her.”

“I went to school with her brother, we were lab partners in 9th grade.” Once again without think he seemed to take my hand.

“Hello?” I called out when I opened the door.

“In here.” My aunts voice flowed from the kitchen. I walked in. She smiled sweetly but her eyes were sadden. “Harry?” I turned, facing him. “Can you make sure that you’re all packed we leave in a few hours.” He tightened his hand around my before nodding

“Sure.” I watched him walk off, he ran his hand throughout his hair. I sat.

“Okay, tell me what’s going on.” I took my aunts hand. I braced myself to hear what she usually says but she said something that took me back.

“He cheated on me.”

“Billy?” I tried to keep my eyes from growing.

They’ve been together since the 6th grade. She talked to me, and I listen for an hour.

“Well.” She said. “I’m sorry.”

“What do you have to be sorry for?”

“For wasting your time when Harry…”

“I’ve known you longer, you’ve gotten dibs.” I smiled and winking at her. I hugged her tightly glad that she would be fine, that is once her heart starts to feel better and she thinks everything out.

Shutting the door to my room everything she says hits me. My eyes burn with tears, wanting to cry. My head was down, blinking. A strong pair of arms pulled me farther into the room. ‘10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,’ counting back in my head but it didn’t help.

Then my phone rang playing a soft song, Harry began to sway, dancing me back a forth. But as soon as the music started it stopped however he didn’t. He swayed me. He smelt sweet. I was glad he was here, right in this moment, he kept me from losing it. After a bit I looked at him, his eyes were shut, peacefully. I stopped moving. He opened his eyes, brushing some of my hair back he said “You okay?” “I will be.”

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