Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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14. Giggles, Laughs and Smiles



We just came from landing thinking we would be heading to an office we headed towards a neighborhood. There I stud in front of a door waiting. Harry ran his hand throughout his hair before opening the door and heading in.

Is this his parents house?

“Mum!” Harry deep voice filled the air.

Yes, yes it is. I could hear footsteps. My heart was beating faster and faster.

“Harry, I didn't know...” the lady stopped talking as she entered the hall way.

“Oh, hello.” She smiled sweetly at me.

“Hi.” I said smiling.

“Harry?” She said hugging her.

“This is my... girlfriend.” Harry said.

I smiled at her.

“I'm Riley.” I stuck out my hand but she hugged me instead.

“It's nice to meet you.” She said pulling away.

“You to.”

“Come on lets have some tea.”

She headed down the hall way. I didn't move I just stayed in one place. I felt Harry's hand slip into mine, pulling me down the hall.

“Relax, and remember to breath.” Harry whispered.

He pulled out a stole out for me to sit. I just smiled at him. His mother sat three cups of tea and sugar on front of us. Harry handed me a cup. I lifting the cup of tea I could smell the sweetness of it. Right when I went to take a sip I felt Harry's hand land on my leg. Causing me to chock a little on my tea.

“Babe, you all right?” Harry asked.

“Yea.” I said.

We sat and talked for hours. Giggles, laughs and stories filled the air.

“Mom?”Harry voice brought quietness.

“This isn't just a random trip...” Harry looked at me and smiled.

Was he about to tell his mother?

“I've been trying to come for weeks but...”

“Work?” She smiled at him.


“So what is it?”

“Hum.” he was looking at the floor then at me.

“How do I put this...”

Lifting my hand I grabbed his, surprises both of us.

“I'm getting married.” He said looking at me.

I smiled. I heard a loud crash!

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