Stuck With You

Harry just wanted to party for his 21st birthday. Riley just wanted to forget about her broken heart. But neither of them wanted to wake up with rings on the left hand?

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22. Airport



The airports cold air followed over my sink as Harry and I walked through the crowd. I already miss the sun and the sand. Goosebumps filled my arms, making my way to baggage claim. I wasn't thinking when I put on this tank-top. I can say though I do have a bit of a tan from the first time in years. Harry grabbed his and then grabbed mine bags. I never cared for airports. They always seem to be filled with busy people who didn't care who was around them; only about getting to one point to the next.

You ready?” Harry whispered to me.

Knowing what he means. As soon as Harry and I, get to the greeting gate there will be loads of paparazzi, fans and their questions. I'm not sure what scares me the most, the questions or the fans. I know what his fans are like. There caring, loving and will do anything, and I mean anything for 'their' Harry.

The closer I get to the greeting gate the more I wish and wanted to climb onto a different flight; heading some other place in this world.

Once the view of the greeting gate came into my view, I about show everyone the meal had on the flight. Twirls and twists filled me up. A warm hand squeezed mine. That didn't help really, just caused more twirls. Hoping I could walk faster, I was becoming colder and colder with every step. Wishing I wasn't in this tank-top.

Hands stretched out for Harry. Trying to brush his sweatshirt or jumper as he calls it. I wonder what would happen if I took off Harry's beanie and tossed it into the crowed of screaming girls. A few of the girls were crying. Crying! I don't think I've never been a fan of something or someone, that I would cry, full on cry, ever happen to see them.

The sliding door of the airport opened. Cold air blow around me, causing me to shiver. It was a very cold evening here.

Harry pulled me over to the side, slipping off his sweatshirt or jumper as he calls it; he drops it around my shoulders.

“You sure?” I asked, but hoping you would say yes, because I was cold. And getting colder the more I was waiting.

Next, he took off his beanie, placing it onto my head and making sure it was covering up my ears. The sweatshirt smelt like him, it was kinda a sweet smell. Witch was a bit odd, you look at him, strong and tough yet he has a sweet smell?

Harry stepped closer and kissed the top of the beanie, the top of my head. I swore you could hear an 'Awww” sound from the group of fans in the airport.



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