One's your neighbor one's your cousin. Two you despise and one you don't even know. What happens when you encounter all of them???


3. Chapter 3

I was walking to school completely bored. Harry wouldn't wake up this morning so I had no choice. When I reached the school everyone was standing outside and they all looked at me. Laughs left all of there mouths. I rolled my eyes before I realized they were all laughing at me. As I walked to my locker I bumped into someone.

"Why weren't you at school yesterday?" That voice. It sent chills down my spine and not in the good way. My eyes traveled to his face. Zayn, the devil in disguise.

"I didn't feel good." Lie. I know but I wasn't going to tell him that Louis and I fucked. I would be humiliated.

"Oh, you were sick? Thats not what Louis said." He laughed and walked away. What the fuck does he mean by that? I stomped my way over to his locker and slammed it shut in his fucking face.

"Oh hey Liz!" He was cheery. Dick.

"You told. You fucking told Zayn what happened and now I'm the school joke." I said through gritted teeth looking directly into his eyes. And I fucking trusted him and he does this. How could he?

"I'm sorry but he came over that morning I either told him or he would have seen you naked in my room and possibly have taken pictures. I was actually looking out for you. I'm sorry I didn't know he'd tell the whole school." He replied with pleading eyes. My brain says forgive but my heart says to leave him alone. He's a dick. I mean follow your heart right?

"You're a dick. I hate you." I said and walked away. Which didn't succeed because he grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Making me look into his eyes.

"You can't say that the other night didn't mean anything to you."

"I was drunk! It meant nothing! I don't like you! You're a dick! I hate you and I always will." I couldn't do it. I couldn't look him in the eyes and say it. Why? I don't know I just couldn't.

"Look me in the eyes and say it meant nothing." I averted my gaze to the floor. "Look me in the eyes." He gripped my chin to make me look him in his eyes.

"It meant nothing." I wiggled out of his grip and walked away. I looked back for a second and he was standing there shocked. I don't care he's a dick for what he did.

Yes Language! I love writing and reading! So its my favorite class. I walked over to my desk sitting next to Emerald.

"Hey Emer!!" I said probably a little to loud.

"Hi." Well thats weird, she usually talks to me about...everything. Maybe she's just tired.

"Okay class! We're starting a new project and I have assigned you partners. So listen up." Everyone groaned, except me I LOVE writing. "Kaitlin you're with-"

I stopped listening not really caring about the others. I only need to know who my partner is and I'm good. What if I got someone who hates me. What if they picked on me for me and Louis. No, stop thinking negative thoughts. I could get a nice partner who actually likes me. No one in this school likes me tho. Everyone hates me, except Emer but she's acting weird.

"Elizabeth Styles." I looked up suddenly interested. "You and Liam Payne will be partners." I mentally clapped. Why? Because Liam barely knows me, he's never laughed at me, and he's a good writer. Maybe this is a good day. The bell rang and I groaned. Math, I have to go to Math and face Louis. God save me now.

I walked into Math and sat down not looking at him. I didn't want to he's a mother fucking dick. The teacher gave us our math homework and I started working.

When math was over I quickly walked out the front of the school. I'm not staying after lunch. I was getting laughed at and humiliated all day. People are so cruel. I've already had 3 boys walk up to me and ask me to fuck them. I slapped one of them only to pushed on my butt and laughed at. I forgave Zayn for all the other harmless dumb things he's said and told that didn't matter. But this time he's gone to far. First he spreads a rumor about me and my cousin fucking and then he tells the whole school about me and Louis. The second one may be true but that doesn't give him the right to tell the whole school. By the time I made it home nobody was there. Work? Probably. But where was Harry? He's a loner, what would he be doing?

Right as I got in my room I passed out on my bed. It may only have been half a day but it was exhausting.


When I woke up it was 6:15 am. Perfect amount of time to get ready for school. Jumping into the shower I did the process and changed into ripped black jeans, a white shirt that said 'Beat This' and I pulled my snapback onto my head. Putting on my makeup, that I eventually found in Harry's bathroom in a bag that said 'Throwaway', I ran downstairs and pulled out my phone to text Emer.


Hey can you pick me up??? Harrys not here and I don't feel like walking.


Yeah be there in 10

She is literally the bestiest best friend you could ask for. A honk brought me out of my thoughts and I slipped on my spike high tops and ran outside.

"Hey." I said while climbing into her 2014 Toyota Yaris. She stayed silent. Weird, she was acting weird yesterday too.

"Umm. Liz? Is it true that you and Louis, you know?" My eyes widened. She knew? Well of course but thats why she's acting so weird.

"Uh yeah. But we were both drunk and I don't even remember any of it." Except the fact that I fell asleep in his arms and how I screamed his name in pleasure. But yeah I don't remember anything.

"Oh and why'd you leave early yesterday?"

"Everyone found out." Her eyes softened as she looked at me. She knew who told. It was obvious, that one dick with black hair and brown eyes. You know the devil? We pulled up to school and I really didn't want to go. It might be better but I don't know, life is harder the day after the fight. When the fuck did I get so deep? I don't know and I don't want to know.

Language. YES! I sat down and today, since we're partners, Liam sat down next to me.

"Hey, so what are we going to write about?" He actually has a really soft and comforting voice.

"I don't know, I think thats the hardest thing." The rest of the period we wrote down ideas and talked. We probably should've worked harder but he was just so easy to talk to.

"Okay since we didn't work how about my place after school?" I questioned hoping it was a yes. I didn't like Liam like that but we just needed to work.

"Okay sure. Well meet at the bench by the gate. Okay?"

"Okay bye." We hugged and I walked to math. Yeah, fun. Hint the sarcasm.

We were working on a worksheet and it was just awkward. I haven't looked or talked to Louis all period. Even tho we still have 20 minutes left I'm kind of hoping he doesn't talk to me.

"S-so how i-is your d-d-day going?" Louis hesitantly asked me. I looked over at him and I couldn't believe it. He was as pale as snow, his eyes were red and bloodshot, his hair was a mess, and he had bags under his eyes. What happened to him? No I don't care he shouldn't even be talking to me.

"Why do you care?" I snapped at him. He flinched at my sudden answer.

"S-s-sorry. Just wondering." He went back to his paper.

"Well don't wonder, I don't like you and I never will." I heard sniffling and he got up and just walked out the door. Was he crying? No, he couldn't be. Theres nothing to cry over. Unless- no no I'm just over thinking everything. He walked back in and the bottom of his shirt was wet. He was crying. But over what? His life is like perfect. The bell rang and everyone bolted up and practically ran out of class. Obviously me, not paying attention, had to pack up now since I didn't before. And lucky me, me and Louis were the only ones in the class.

"L-L-Liz? Can I talk to y-you?" His voice was shaky and broken. I'm not falling for this trap. Guys always do this, act broken and hurt just to get the girl and then break her.

"No and don't call me Liz only my friends call me that." With that I walked out the door toward the cafeteria. Good for me, I'm actually making it to lunch today and not going home. Maybe I should, should I? No the rest of the day will be fine, no ones picked on my today. It should be a smooth and easy day. I sat down at my usual table with Emer. I feel bad for her, she's just kind of caught up in the drama and shit. She didn't do anything but be my friend. Oh my god I'm literally the worst friend on this planet, she just gets caught up in my shitty life.

"So Liz? Do you want to hang out after school?" I looked up and Emerald was staring at me with a questioning face.

"Can't, Liam's coming over and working on Language with me. Sorry girly." I gave a sincere smile before a scream was heard around the cafeteria. Zayn, he was standing on the table, again. Now whats he going to do.

"So, breaking news in our school." What? So this isn't about me, shocking. Everything that comes out of his mouth is about me. "Elizabeth Styles 1 friend, never had a boyfriend, and fucks two guys in one week. One of them being her cousin." I looked at him shocked, seriously. He just likes to see me miserable doesn't he.

"Dude just come on. Stop picking on her." Everyone quickly looked toward that voice and Louis was standing there staring at Zayn, not caring about everyones eyes on him.

"Okay Louis, we know you fucked but that doesn't mean you have to defend her." Zayn said with a smug smile. Louis started to blush. "Wait, don't tell me you like her or even in love with her." His laugh, it was menacing and devilish. Zayn has the most ear piercing laugh. Everyone else joined him in laughter.

"Love? Her? Gross never. Like? Maybe if I was drunk." The while school laughed again. He is the biggest dick. First he acts like he cares, tells everyone, tries to be my friend and talk to me, and then embarrasses me.Louis just walked out of the cafeteria to wherever he was going. Now most would run after him and give him a fucking kiss but no I hate him and he knows that. I would rather go after him and beat the shit out of him. But that might not end so well.

The rest of the day went by smoothly. Didn't see Louis or Zayn the rest of the day. It was actually a chill day. I made my way over to the bench and saw Liam sitting there waiting for me.

"Hey Liam. Thanks for waiting." I gave him a small hug and we started walking. "Is it fine if we get a ride from my friend?" Please say yes, please say yes.

"Yeah, lets go." He's actually sweeter than I thought. And he doesn't judge me for anything that I did or people think I did. He just takes me for who I am. I just don't like him like that. We're just going to be like the best friends. Besides me and Emerald.

"Get out of my car Liz!" When I looked around we were already at my house and Liam was waiting for me. I quickly got out and Emerald drove away, surprisingly fast. As I was walking up to the door, where Liam was standing, someone yelling caught my attention.

"Elizabeth!" When I looked over Niall was running over to me.

"Oh hey Niall!" I said hugging him. He was actually dressed in decent clothes, well for a boy his age. A plain white shirt, a clean pair of pants, and white high tops. He actually has a good style.

"Who's this? It seems like you have a lot of boys coming over to your house." I laughed. I remember Harry and when I looked into Niall's eyes he looked a little scared of Liam. But why? Liam couldn't hurt a fly.

"That's Liam and don't worry theres not need to be scared of him." He let out a huge breath and hugged me.

"I better go and get ready for tonight. Bye Liz!" Tonight? What was happening tonight? He's probably just going out with some of his friends. I walked up to Liam and unlocked the door. Walking inside the smell of food hit me. Sneakily I grabbed Liam's hand and lead him upstairs wanting to avoid my mum and just my family in general. They all annoy me.

Liam's POV

She lead me upstairs most likely trying to avoid someone. Right as I got in her room I was surprised. I knew she wasn't a girly girl but I wasn't expecting this. She was an amazing artist too which was the last thing I would ever think of. I don't know what I expected her room to look like but I sure as hell did not think of this. I sat down on her bed as she went to grab something from her closet. She walked out with a baggy white shirt, black short shorts and bright red socks. She could rock that outfit!!


"ELIZABETH!! DINNER!!" She groaned and motioned for me to follow her downstairs. Right as I walked down there and into the dinning room I was already intimidated, a girl (that was most likely her mum) was sitting next to a tall well built guy and across from him was a boy with tattoos and piercings and he wasn't in bad shape either. Oh god now I'm scared to even be here.

"Hello, I'm Kaitlin, Elizabeth's mum. Nice to meet you." She held out her hand which I gratefully took. "This is Harry, her cousin and this is-"

"Mr. Styles, I'm Elizabeth's father." I gulped. I don't even have a reason to be nervous. I'm just her friend but her family was pretty intimidating.

Ding Dong

Her mom rushed to the door as Elizabeth sat next to Harry and I sat next to her. That blond kid from earlier came in with older looking guys and an older looking women. They must be his parents and brother.

"Maura, Greg and Niall. This is Liam, Liz's friend." Her mom stated gesturing to who's who. "Liam this is Maura, Greg and Niall." Niall, that was an interesting name. I know its Irish, but what is him and his family doing in England than?

Elizabeth's POV

This dinner couldn't get any more awkward. Its already desert and I've been embarrassed 1 to many times. Everyone at this table knows at least 3 embarrassing stories about me. I've also learned some embarrassing stories of Niall. The whole table was just laughing.

"I remember when I was 8? No 9. I had these bunny curtains. And my sister would always tease me about it. So one day I went into her room, TPed it, took all her posters down and hid them, and I put butter on the inside of her pajama pants. When she found out so her and my other sister picked me up and tried to tape me to the ceiling." We all cracked up laughing. Liam was already laughing while he was telling it so it was pretty funny. My mum stood up and picked up our plates, bringing them into the kitchen. Me, Liam and Niall following us went into room.

"I'm bored." They both agreed with me and we all laid on my bed. Me and Liam already finished Language and I finished Math in class so I can't do that. Niall whispered something in Liam's ear and they both stood up and walked into my closet. Walking out they had a white sundress, and my polka dotted bikini. Of course they pick my only bikini.

"Put this on." They said shoving it in my direction. Quickly I walked into my closet and slipped it on along with a pair of sandals. "Lets go!" They both chorused after I walked out. Wait where'd they get the swim trunks?

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