One's your neighbor one's your cousin. Two you despise and one you don't even know. What happens when you encounter all of them???


1. Chapter 1

"ELIZABETH! GET UP NOW!" I heard my mother yell from downstairs. Why did I have to get up it isn't even a school day. It's fucking Sunday. "ELIZABETH ANNE!" My mum yelled again. She is the most impatient person.

"OKAY HOLD ON!" I yelled back hoping that I had enough time to get ready for whatever I needed to do. When I looked into my closet I saw a pair of black skinny jeans, and a white shirt with a black skull on it. You may be asking yourself, why are you getting dressed when its Sunday and she only called you? Well you see because my mum only wakes me up early or yells at me if I need to go somewhere. I got dressed fast and went into the bathroom to put on makeup. Foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, mascara, and lipstick. It seems like a lot but its just the right amount to me. 5 minutes later and I'm running down the stairs to see what my mother wants with my naturally wavy hair.

"She should be down soon. You know teenage girls." I heard my mum saying to an unknown person.

"Of course. I have a sister. An annoying sister." I heard him laugh and I knew exactly who it was. I quickly opened the living room door and ran towards the couch.

"HARRY!" I yelled and jumped into his lap on the couch. Harry's my cousin, yep my name is Elizabeth Styles with an Anne in the middle.

"Hey Liz, haven't seen you in forever." When I looked up I almost choked, yes choked on air. He was covered in tattoos and piercings. Harry, the kid that was afraid of needles. "Like what you see?" He asked with a cheeky smirk.

"Ew, no, gross." I said gagging. "I was just surprised by your appearance. The last time I saw you, you were 15 and afraid of needles and now you're covered in tattoos and piercings."

"I could say the same for you." I looked at him weirdly. "Last time I saw you, you thought makeup was gross and useless and you always wore bright colors and now you're wearing almost all black and have a caked face." Harry said while laughing. I punched his arm and tried to hide a smile but obviously failed when he started to pout. "So is the nerd still in school?"

"Yes, and are you still a low life with no job living with his mum?" I said smirking.

"Yes and its reasonable for a guy my age."

"You're 19 move out." I said looking directly into his eyes. When I looked over my mum was gone. I was glad because everything is always awkward whenever shes in the same room as me and Harry.

"So, who's your boyfriend?"

"No one." I said and stood up walking upstairs motioning for Harry to follow me. Right as we walked into my bedroom he gasped. It wasn't bad or anything just a typical teenage girl room. Okay maybe not. There was crushed monster cans all over the wall, my wall color was red with black splats, my paintings and drawings were on the wall, a broken skateboard above my bed, and I have a desk filled with art work. That was pretty much it. It wasn't that extravagant.

"Your room is...different." He said with a creepy look in his eye. "Come on lets go get ice cream." He said literally dragging me downstairs and into his Chevrolet Camaro Z28. Yes I have an eye for cars.

"I need shoes hang on." I said jumping out of the car and running inside grabbing my combat boots by the door. Running back to the car I was slipping them on when I fell flat on my face. I heard footsteps and coming towards me.

"Elizabeth are you okay?" I heard a voice ask. It wasn't a voice I knew very well. When I looked up I knew exactly who it was.

"Yeah I'm okay." I said and he held out his hand to help me up. "Thanks Niall." I said looking into his eyes.

"No problem, Liz." He said when a cough interrupted our talk. When my eyes traveled over to the car I saw Harry standing there with a mad look. He walked over to me and put his arm around my waist.

"Oh is this your boyfriend?" Niall questioned with a confused look. I cracked up laughing. He actually thought I was dating Harry. Ew gross. Thats just disgusting.

"No, no, no. He's my cousin. Harry's just being stupid." I replied slipping out of his hold. What is with him? He's been back for 15 minutes and he's already being weird and protective. Niall nodded and walked away and I'm kind of glad he did before Harry like punched him or something.

"What was that about?" I questioned after we got back into the car. "Harry?" No answer. "HARRY!?"

"What?" He snapped at me.

"What. Was. That. About?" I asked again.

"I don't like him. Don't ever date him." He said through clenched teeth. When my eyes wandered down I saw his fist clenched.

"Fuck you." My mouth betrayed me before I could think. Shit I'm dead. My family doesn't like cussing. Why? I don't know they just don't and Harry has the biggest mouth.

"What was that?" He asked with a smirk.

"Fuck you. There I said it. You happy, you little dick head." Okay I may have a cussing problem. If you know me well you know that I cuss a lot. Like more than enough.

"Oh, someone has a dirty mouth." Harry said with, for once, a completely straight face.

"Shut up. And lets just get some fucking ice cream so I can come back to my bitchy ass home and go to fucking bed." I said glancing out the window.


We came back home and I immediately ran upstairs and slammed my door shut. I fucking hate people.


We just got to the ice cream shop and it was empty. Thank god, now it won't be awkward. We made our way to the counter and ordered our ice cream. I got cookie dough and Harry got mint chocolate chip. He lead me to a table by the window and sat down, me following him. After about 2 minutes the bell to the little shop rang signaling that someone entered the shop. I didn't give a shit who it was so I just focused on my ice cream.

"Elizabeth?" Someone questioned from behind me and when I turned around I couldn't believe it. Zayn was standing there. Zayn! Why was he even talking to me. I hate him and he should know that. "Elizabeth is that you?" He questioned again this time right next to the table.

"Yeah, what do you want?" I snapped. Why today? First Niall and now Zayn. Can't the world just kill me now. I fucking hate Zayn.

"Just here to get ice cream and I saw you. Who's this?" Zayn asked looking directly at Harry.

"This is Harry. Now can you please go away." I said through gritted teeth really wanting him to leave. He's so fucking annoying.

"Why can't I stay?" He said with a smirk and looked at me. I probably looking angry as shit because Harry just had to but in.

"She said leave."

"No." Zayn fired back. That pushed Harry over the edge and he threw a punch at Zayn. He fell back onto the table and looked me straight into the eye. Zayn smirked and whispered, "You're going to regret this happening tomorrow."

Flashback over

Harry just wants to ruin my fucking life. What did I do to him? Nothing I didn't do fucking anything. Now I got my neighbor scared to come near me and Zayn is pissed at me.

You see Zayn is my 'bully' and the reason I put air quotes around the word bully is because he doesn't hit me. He pretty much just embarrasses me in front of the school and sometimes calls me names. Nothing I can't handle.

It's a little too late to say that you're sorry now

You kicked me when I was down

But what you say just (don't hurt me)

Ugh my phone. Where is that damn thing?

That's right bitch (don't hurt me)

And I don't need you (no more)

Don't want to see you (no more)

Ha, bitch you get (no love)

Who would call me at this time? Oh right Emerald would. Emerald is my best friend and I tell her everything.

You showed me nothing but hate

You ran me into the ground

But what comes around goes around (around)

I don't need you (don't hurt me)

That's right (you don't hurt me)

And I don't need you (no more)

I found it under my drawing book and I immediately picked it up. No matter how much I love that song I will always pick up my phone. Unless I get kidnapped or killed. Okay that would be weird. It would feel weird to be like stabbed to death like feeling the blade slice your skin in half and leave a hole. Its just so weird. I don't know I'm weird.

"Liz? Liz? LIZ!?"

"What? Sorry? Whats up Emer?" I questioned. Emer was Emerald's nickname. Sometimes I call her Ald just to piss her off.

"Nothing just bored. What about you?" I can't tell her Harry's here. I've know Emerald since I was like 7 years old and she's always liked Harry, even though he's two years older than us.

"Nothing just relaxing at home. By myself. Well my mums here. No one else. Just me and my mum. Thats it." I said. I hope she bought that.

"Liz? You're a terrible actor. Who's there?" What the hell am I going to say? I can't say Harry. What do I say? "Oh my god is he there? Is Zayn there?"

"No no no!!!" I heard her sigh with relief. "Umm...its Harry." I said and flinched. Okay no answer I should be worried. When I looked at my phone she hung up. Weird?

Ding Dong

I ran to the front door and swung it open only to revel Emerald on the other side.

"Where. Is. He?" She asked.

"Upstairs. Third door and please don't scare him."

"Can't promise you." She called after me. Oh my god I have a weird friend. My feet lead me to the couch where I sat down and started flipping through the channels. There is literally nothing on. Its all some dumb ass kid show or a fucking reality show.

"AHHHHH!!!" Oh no. A scream coming from upstairs, this isn't good. I ran upstairs and barged into Harry's room. He was in the corner cowering and Emerald was just sitting on his bed watching tv while biting her lip. God she's weird. I may or may not need a new friend.

"What the hell happened?" I asked while staring Harry down, I realized that he wasn't go to say anything. I looked at Emerald and she wasn't saying anything either. "Harry?" I asked slowly walking over to him.

"She barged in here and jumped on me and hugged me and I hugged back thinking it was a friendly gesture. But then she kissed my cheek and screamed in my face and starting staring down my room and like taking in every detail. I got scared. " I patted his back and started leading him over to Emerald.

"Harry this is Emer, you know her now just talk. Byyyyeeee." I said exaggerating on the word bye. They are going to be a couple and that is my mission.

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