Black Moon: Night Of Newborns

katherine is a grade 10 human, and has a crush on a grade 10 wearwolf named cade, they are having a band concert in a week on the full moon. cade also has a crush on katherine but wont tell her, worried him being a wearwolf would freak her out, but she already knows. cade does come to the concert, but he brings two friends of his with him. and worst of all, its the black moon.


1. rip and pause

I screemed as I watched cade and I at the consert, what we were doing to those people. As we ripped away our cloths only to find brown hair sprouting from us. The smell was so overpowering, and I stopped for a moment when I relized I was ripping my little sister to peices and eating her. I stumbled back, my sisters right leg was clean off, but I saw the bandage rapped on it and her in a strecher. I looked over at cade, who was trying to get to my dad. I ran at him and attaked. with a yelp he fell to the floor. I looked at my dad and he started to cry, then he ran out of the room, I was so tempted to follow, but I told myself no. I watched as people ran out the door and cade trapped under the piano. people in armor came into the room with huge guns and nets. they shot me with a dart. the last thing I remeber was cade killing- you know what, I think you should hear the begining of the story, so here goes. It started with the first day of grade 10 band class...

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