Black Moon: Night Of Newborns

katherine is a grade 10 human, and has a crush on a grade 10 wearwolf named cade, they are having a band concert in a week on the full moon. cade also has a crush on katherine but wont tell her, worried him being a wearwolf would freak her out, but she already knows. cade does come to the concert, but he brings two friends of his with him. and worst of all, its the black moon.


2. first day back

I walked into my new school. I had just moved with my family from england to toronto. now I have to start a new school, and its fricken the middle of the year! as I walked in I tripped and fell, but a pair of arms cought me. "Holy crap! who mite you be miss?" I blushed. he was probably the most amazing boy I have ever seen. he had slightly curled hair stuffed away in a green hat. he had this smile that made me melt, and his eyes, I cant even explain. I stood up fast and looked down embarressed. "Im Katherine. nice to meet you." I stuck out my hand to shake to show I wasnt gunna break down. he tilted his head to one side and laughed a little. he grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I froze at his tough. he laughed again probably seeing the shock on my face. "A little heads up, in toronto, we dont shake, we break." with that he walked off with his friends. what did he mean, break? the bell ring and I ran for my locker.


I walked into band class for third block. I looked around and found the piano seet. the teacher told me there was one other piano player and I got exsited. in my old school there was only one piano player and it was me, every year. class started and I started to wonder wear the piano player was. my teacher told me to stand at the front of the class and introduce myself. I was pretty unlucky because the door was right behind me when that same boy from earlyer came crashing through, falling on his face over top of me.

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