Black Moon: Night Of Newborns

katherine is a grade 10 human, and has a crush on a grade 10 wearwolf named cade, they are having a band concert in a week on the full moon. cade also has a crush on katherine but wont tell her, worried him being a wearwolf would freak her out, but she already knows. cade does come to the concert, but he brings two friends of his with him. and worst of all, its the black moon.


3. Excuse me?

I was staring into those eyes. Those green eyes, which looked as if they were filled with gold flakes. I was looking up at him, and he was staring down at me. Our faces were inches apart. "If you two are done, I would like to get back to what I was saying." The class giggled at us. I looked over at them and I felt my cheeks go hot. I felt eyes staring but they weren't from the class. They were the boy's. I pushed him of me and stood up. "Im sorry. Wasn't watching were I was going." He flashed me some teeth. "No problem. You were probably to busy brushing your hair to care." I flashed me teeth. He gave me a puzzled. I pointed at the floor. There was to combs and a Cherry Chapstick. He quickly picked it up and stuffed it in his pocket. "Thanks." He rolled his eyes and smirked. As he walked past me he winked and sat down at the piano. oh crap! He plays the same instrument! "Ok class! This is our new student,Katherine! She just moved from England. She will be our second piano player!" I saw the boy look up at me and smile with no teeth. "Now all of you will ask one question and you will also give your name. Lets start with you, Carmon." Camron was a short boy with blond hair. "Hi my name is Camron. My question is... Do you like dogs?" I smiled. His friend hit him upside the head. "Yes, as long as you mean the animal." I smirked and the class laughed. "Ok how about you Cade?" The teacher pointed at the boy. "Sure. OK hi my name is Cade. I would like to know as my question, are you single?" "CADE!" I girl with black hair yelled at him. "What?" He asked. "You already have a girlfriend, and she is ME!" I was trying so hard not to laugh now. "Oh ya sorry. Hailey?" He asked her I guess. "Yes baby?" She smiled. "Im breaking up with you." I was shocked. "What!" She glared at me "Katherine, will you go out with me if you are single?" He smiled at me. "Uh."

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