So Sick {16+}

What's wrong with me? I'm crushing on my brother!


8. Chapter 8 (Pt 1)

A/N: Sorry, I haven't updated in a while. Well, here's what you've been waiting for :)


Bella P.O.V

"Niall" I said. "Yeah?" he asked. "What are we going to tell mom and dad?" I asked. "I don't know unless.." Niall said. "Unless what?" I asked. "We get you a boyfriend and he helps you raise it" Niall said but he didn't seem to happy about it. "Niall, who will date me?" I asked. "Liam" he mumbled. "Niall, are you sure?" I asked. "It's all we have left. We can't let anyone know that I'm am the father of my sister's baby" he said. I looked at him. "What about us?" I asked. "There will still be an us afterwards" he said. I pressed my lips to his. He placed his hand on my stomach and rubbed it. I released and stared into his eyes. "Niall, is this going to work?" I asked. "I'm ninety-nine percent sure" Niall said and I smiled. "Now, let's get ready" Niall said and pecked my lips. He helped me up and picked out some clothes for me. He was about to leave when I stopped him. "Niall, I don't think I can manage getting dressed myself, could you help?" I asked, pouting playfully. He chuckled. "Sure" he said and made sure the door was locked before he removed my shirt. I didn't put a bra on. He pulled down my plaid pants and underwear. He picked up my bra and slipped it on my. Afterwards, he hooked it. He then slipped on my shirt and underwear. Finally, he slipped on my jeans and buttoned them and zipped them. "There" he said and pressed his lips to mine......

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