So Sick {16+}

What's wrong with me? I'm crushing on my brother!


6. Chapter 6

~~Bella P.O.V

I woke up to the sick feeling. I ran towards my bathroom and vomited in the toilet. I stood up and walked downstairs to hear mom humming in the kitchen. My stomach started cramping badly. "Shit" I groaned and hugged my stomach tightly. I'm not on my period, I've already had it this month. "Bella, are you alright?" mom said, popping her head out of the kitchen. "Yeah, I'm fine" I said and walked into the kitchen. "Hungry?" mom asked. "Yeah, biscuit please" I said. Mom nodded and headed toward the fridge. Niall walked in and gripped my breasts. "Ow, fuck" I said, gripping my breast. "Oh shit, are you okay?" Niall said. "Yeah, I think my breasts are swollen." I said. "Hun, I don't think you should go if you're hurting" mom said. I didn't reply, I just gripped my breast and stomach tightly. I nodded and walked towards the stairs. "Niall will bring your food up" mom said. "Okay" I groaned in pain. I walked in my room and shut the door. I walked in the bathroom to vomit in the toilet. "Mom should have a pregnancy test somewhere" I said. I walked out of my room and tip toed towards the bathroom. I walked in and dug into the cabinets. "Bingo" I said as I held a pregnancy test box in my hand. I shut the door and walked towards my bedroom, quietly. I walked in my bathroom. I sat on the toilet know. "Positive" the words repeated in my head as I stared at the little plus sign. "I-I'm pregnant" I said to myself. I threw the stick in the wastebasket and laid on my bed. Niall walked in with a tray with a biscuit and a glass of milk. "Babe, you okay?" he asked. I shook my head. "What's wrong?" he asked, placing the tray on my dresser before coming to my bed and sitting on it. How am I supposed to tell my brother he is the fucking father to my baby? "I am.." I trailed off. "You're what?" he asked, looking at me with worry in his eyes. "I am pregnant" I mumbled. "What did you say?" he asked. "Please don't make me say it again" I pleaded. He looked at me. "You're what?" he asked again. "I'm...." I said, tears filled my eyes. "Baby tell me" he begged. "I'm pregnant and you're the father" I said, tears rolling down my cheeks. Niall didn't move or reply.

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