So Sick {16+}

What's wrong with me? I'm crushing on my brother!


5. Chapter 5

~~Niall P.O.V
"NIALL, BELLA, I'M HOME!!" I heard mom yell. Bella quickly released from my lips. "Sh*t she said and looked at me. "Brother and sister mode" she frowned and turned around and headed towards the door. I stopped her. I pecked her lips. She smiled and went downstairs. I followed. "Hey mom" Bella said, kissing mom's cheek. "Hi hun, how was your weekend?" she asked. "It was okay" Bella said, looking at me. I glared at her. "Well Niall, how about you?" mom asked. "It was okay" I mocked Bella. Mom smiled. "Bella, you have to go to school tomorrow" mom said, "What are you doing up?" "Oh, I was just getting ready for bed" Bella said. Mom kissed my forehead and walked in the kitchen. I grabbed Bella's ass as she walked towards the stairs. She smiled at me and walked up the stairs. Bella is on her first year of high school. "Niall, come here for a second" mom said from the kitchen. I walked in. Mom held up a pair of pants. "Can you wash this for me?" she asked. I nodded and stuck it in the washing machine. "Thanks, sweetheart" she said, leaving the kitchen. I followed her. "Mom, I'm gonna get ready for bed" I said, looking at the clock on the wall above the TV. It made a "tick" sound and the little hand struck the 9. "It's awfully early" mom said. "Yeah, it was a long day" I said. "Okay, sleep well" she said, sitting on the sofa. "I will, love ya" I said, running upstairs. "Love you too" mom said. I walked into Bella's room and shut the door behind me. She was in the shower. I walked into her bathroom. "Surprise" I said, opening the curtain. She covered her body quickly. "AHH, NIALL, WTF!!?!" I put my finger over my lips. "Shh" I said. "Niall no, I have school" she said. "I know, I just sleep without a kiss." I said in a little kid's voice. She smiled and walked out of the shower. The water was still running and she was soaked. She pressed her lips to mine. "Mmm" I moaned. She smiled and released. "Now go to bed" she commanded, still smiling. I nodded and pouted. She giggled and hopped back into the shower. I wrote, "Stay sexy" on her mirror and walked out. I walked into my room and plopped onto my bed. "Fuck" I groaned. "I fucked my sister"

A/N: Hey guys, sorry about the wait. I feel stupid, I had chapters 5-7 already written and I wrote them about 1 or 2 weeks ago. I apologize. I don't ever do these but I can do more if you guys want me to. You guys are awesome!! Love all of my bitches :D

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