So Sick {16+}

What's wrong with me? I'm crushing on my brother!


4. Chapter 4

~~Bella P.O.V
"Hurry, sis" Niall begged as I took off my clothes slowly, just to tease him. " I want to fuck you, badly" he begged. "It's Liam's fault" I said. He frowned. "Hurry up baby" he said. I giggled and pulled my pants down very slow. He walked over to me. "No, you have to wait" I teased. He ignored me and pulled me to him. "I'll do it" he whispered and slipped off my shirt. He bit his lip. I didn't put my bra back on. "I'm gonna fuck you so hard" he said. "Harder than you?" I joked and he laughed. "Yeah, harder than me" He smirked as his erection got bigger. He was already naked and pushed me down on the bed. "I'm gonna teach my little sis, how to be a woman" he joked. I grabbed his erection and pumped it hard angrily, as a punishment for saying that. "FUCK!!" he moaned. "Yeah, think twice before you mess with me" I said. He smirked. "I should make you angry often" he said. "Enough talking and more fucking" I growled. He nodded. He positioned himself and his member entered me. "Fuck yes" I moaned. "You like that?" Niall moaned. I nodded in pleasure. "The fun hasn't started yet" he said. He kept thrusting back and forth, hard and fast, for a few minutes and then pulled his member out. "Okay, are you ready for the fun?" he asked, moving down to my thighs. I nodded and he smiled. He stuck his index and middle finger inside of me. "Niall..." I moaned. He smirked. He then stuck his tongue in there and licking like a cat lapping milk. "Fuck yes" I moaned. My cellphone started playing my mom's ringtone. "Yo momma's callin back, yeah" it sang. "Niall, it's mom" I moaned. He looked up at me. "Shit" I got up and grabbed my phone off the floor (from when Niall fucked me the first time) and answered it. "Hello" I said. "Hey honey, how's it going?" mom asked. "Great mom, I was...I was actually busy" I said, smiling at Niall who was making faces. "Can I talk to Niall?" she asked. "Um, yeah" I said and handing Niall the phone. "Hey mom" he said. "Yeah, we're fine" he said. He stared at me. "Yeah, see you then" he said and ended the call. "Mom, will be home in 10 minutes" he said. I frowned. "This is the last time we fuck for a while" I said, grabbing my clothes and started to put them on quickly. He frowned and pressed his lips to mine. "Mmm" he moaned. I released. "You have lips that I would kiss all day" I said and he smiled. "Well you have 9 minutes, get started" he said and I pressed my lips back to his.

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