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(Don't mind Dove Cameron as Cassidy Tanner) anyways Justin Beiber and Cassidy have been best friends until Cassidy stopped going to church. Justin always liked Cassidy.Then Justin moved to the U.S. A few years later Justin comes home and goes back to church but his feelings come flying back but Cassidy is already taken. What will it take for her to fall for Justin?


1. chapter 1

Flashback *Justin's POV****

Today was the day! Sunday which is church I get to see the girl with brown hair that is usually down or up and she wears little dresses. That girl is also one of my best friends her name is Cassidy Tanner. Every Sunday we sit together with her parents or mine and sometimes we play together outside of church. She is amazing and I think today I am going to tell her I like her because it's her 7 birthday! Which also marks that I have known her for 5 years. We starting playing together when we were 3. It was before church and today Cassidy was wearing her hair braided back and she had on a tiara. Her dress was blue with different colored flowers blooming on it.

"Hi Cassidy, happy birthday!!" I said and went in for hugging her. Cassidy smiled the smile you couldn't resist.

"Thank you justin" she replied and we hugged.

"Uhmm... Cassidy could I tell you something?" I asked and with my black shoe i dragged it back and fourth.

"Sure! Anything" she said with excitement and then she looked confused when my smile turned into a nervous wreck.

"I wanted to tell you that... I like you in the uhmm crush way" I said and just when she was about to reply her mother interrupted.

"Cassidy honey come sit with us today, sorry Justin" she said and with that Cassidy was pulled away from me.

Months later Cassidy and I drifted away because first of all she started skipping church sessions but when she did come we smiled at each other but never talked. Finally I started singing more because we'll Cassidy inspired me I used to sing to her and goof around but now I was getting produced by Scooter Braun and I moved to the United States so Cassidy and I never talked again.

*2014 Cassidy's POV*****

I was in my Lexus heading home from my boyfriends turning through the radio when the song "Believe" came on by Justin Beiber. I sighed and kept it on even though my father the priest had a rule that I couldn't listen to any kind of rap, pop, etc because it was "inappropriate". Im surprised he approved of my boyfriend, Nick Mansfield. We'll Nick was religious just like my old best friend Justin Beiber was until he became a super star. But Nick was amazing sometimes. We had our ups and downs. I came back to reality when a familiar voice filled my ears.

"So Justin what's your next move?" Asked the speaker.

"I think I am going to take a break for the summer and head home maybe for a little bit in Canada" said Justin. The voice I think I missed. Wait, no!

"That's nice justin! I think a lot of Beliebers will miss you".

"We'll I miss my friends and family and I would like to see them so I am just taking a little break"

"That's good Justin when are you planning on going?" Asked the speaker.

"My flight leaves....." then I cut it off because I pulled into my driveway and my dad stood by my window.

"Hey dad" I said as I put down my window.

"Hey sweetie how was nicks?"

"Good good" I said and smirked

"What did you two kids do?" He asked butting in like he always does.

"We read scriptures for a little and then prayed and watched the movie "Despicable Me 2". I lied and I know I wasn't supposed me Nick and I actually just made out.

"Don't forget to go to bible study" he said and I just nodded and hid my annoyance.

*skip bible study and go to Sunday at church*

My alarm woke me up the next morning. I cursed under my breath. Let's just say I'm not the perfect priests daughter like I should be. I got up and showered. I blow dried my hair and curled it then I put on a navy blue laced dress and matching flats and quickly did my make up. Yes, I can wear make up but only because my mother convinced my father. But if I ever "over did" it then my dad would give me a lecture on how i am beautiful just the way I am...

"Good morning honey" said my mother and kissed the top of my head.

"Morning mother" and downstairs came my annoying brother, Christopeher but Chris for short. Oh yeah I forgot to mention him because I could care less. Chris wore his tux like my dad but with only one shoe.

"Uhmm Chris you only have on one shoe...." I trailed off.

"Maybe I like it that way" he sassed. Then that's when we started fighting. But my dad then yelled.

"Cassidy you know to mind your own business and Chris you know to dress properly for church!!!!" And that's when Chris fixed his shoe and my mom set the table and we all held hands.

"Cases it's your day hon" said my mom and I knew not to protest.

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this meal and please let it be nourishing and strengthening and please let everyone have a good day, amen" I said and my family repeated "amen" and we all silently ate.

"Go brush your teeth please" said my father and we did as we were told.

*at church, Cassidy's POV****

When we arrived I ditched my parents as usual and I went to see Nick. His parents hugged me when they saw me and I quickly kissed Nick even though my dad hated when people did kidding things at church. Nick and I hugged after that and looked surprised.

"What's wrong?" He asked confused.

"Nothing I just missed you" I said and held him tighter. He chuckled and we sat down and our hands were held tight together.

*justins POV****

I woke up around 11 and when I did I realized that church started half an hour ago. I quickly ran down stairs and saw my mom went early to help set up. I quickly showered and changed into jeans and a t-shirt and sneakers. I spiked my hair and ran to my car and drove to church.

When I arrived I went inside and the door slammed behind me and everyone stared. I stood there for a moment or two looking for my mom in the crowd. Finally she waved and I awkwardly said "excuse me" to a few people and I sat next to my mom.

"Anywaysy daughter Cassidy Morgan will be coming up here next with the band and will be singing a song her and the band made" everyone clapped and a particular face appeared. Cassidy?!

*Cassidys POV***

I was nervous now Justin Beiber. My old best friend now a super star just walked in and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt?... But i was more pressure because now I had to sing in front of him. When my dad announced me I walked on stage with a fake smile with Nick and a few of the other band mates.

"This song is called "He Reigns" we hope you guys enjoy it" I said and finally minutes passed and we finished. Nick gave me an embracing smile as he went to sit back down and I stayed up with the band.

"The next hymn is in the verse 4, if everyone could please stand and sing along thank you" and we all sang.

* Justin's POV****

Cassidy was an amazing singer. Finally what seemed like forever I knew I had to talk to her. After I walked with my mom into the choir room where everyone ate and talked. I walked toward the girl, Cassidy.

"Hey Cassidy" and when she turned around she looked so grown up.

"Oh hi Justin how are you?" She asked and smiled.

"I am good how are you?" I asked politely

"Everyone is well, thank you" she said.

"How long are you here till?" She asked

"Maybe till the end of the summer, we should hang out sometime". I offered

"Yes sounds like a plan!"

"You did amazing today by the way with singing" I complimented her.

"Awh thank you but your way better!" She said and a flashback came to me.


"Ooh woahh" I sang and Cassidy had smiled. We were about 11.

"Your so good justin, someday I want to be a singer and maybe we can be together" Cassidy had said.

"Yes that would be so much fun!"

"Justin?" She had asked


"Promise that someday we will sing together?" She asked in a hopeful way

"I promise" and we had pinky sweared and hugged.

* end of flashback***

"Justin....." Cassidy waved a hand in my face.

"Oh yeah sorry I was just thinking" I said and m could feel my face turn red.

"Hey it's ok" she said and smiled.

"Heres my number by the way" i said and I gave her a piece of paper with my number on it.

"Thanks I will text you" she smiled

"Cassidy's POV***

Just as Justin and I were finishing of course Nick came over.

"Hey babe, who's this?" He asked and examined Justin.

"Nick this is my old friend Justin, Justin this is my boyfriend Nick" I said and wrapped my arms around nick's waist. They both shook hands and made small talk and thank gosh Chris and nicks brother came over, Josh.

"Hey Cass dad said that it's time to go"

"Ok I will be there in a second" and I turned to Nick and kissed him and it was a strong one.

"Love you" he said and I smirked.

"Love you to, and Justin it was nice seeing you" I said and quickly hugged Nick again for a second and went home.

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