Lost But Now Am Found

Emma grows up with up bad influences and she turned into a brat and diva.

Can Harry turn this bad girl around?


1. Why

                               Emma was about 9 years old when she got yelled at yelled more offend about being mean to her younger sister and now on her 18th birthday when her friend Audrey who she calls 'The Harry Stalker' takes her to a One Direction Show what will happen?


                                Emma with her long blonde hair that goes down below her bum and at the ends there is a bit of a curl , she has crystal blue eyes and weighs 109 pounds and 5 foot 4.

Today her friend Audrey asked her to go to a One Direction concert and accepts! 


             On the night of the concert Emma Wears blue Skinny jeans and a pink tank top with red sneakers. And she heads out she and Audrey sit as close to the stage as they can and during their song I'm gonna get ya Harry smiles and points to her and dances around the stage just to act silly and that makes Emma giggle at the end of the song Harry has take another look at her.


                                                Whonse the concert was over me and Audrey started to walk home harry started to chase after me and yelled "excuse me..... pant pant ......wait up" I stop in my tracks and he smiles as he asks "Can I have your number?" 

                                                             "Why of course Darlin <3",

I then took out a marker and wrote my number on the back  of his hand and then he ran back to the signing before someone saw him.  Watch as his curls bounce in the wind and when I turn I see Audreys mouth open all the way. I laugh. And start to run home. When we get home we decide to have a sleep over and see if Harry Calls. And at mid-night he calls! And I don't know who I calling cause I don't his number he only knows mine. I pick up the phone and gently slide the green button and I gasp in my head as I hear the British voice say "hello?" - "Hi:)" - " Um.. so..yeah" - "yeah.." - -"You sure are cute... no . I mean ... I mean you're just lovely?"




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