All that matters

Justin Bieber is an international popstar.Me?I'm just a dopey middle school girl.And to tell the truth,im not the prettiest.With this ugly light brown hair and these weird dimples.


4. The book

                                                            Miley's Pov 

When I got home I jumped on my bed and opened the book.I was so happy with what it said.

'Dear Miley,

Thanks for coming to my meet and greet.It was nice meeting you,you look really nice.I'd love to get to know you.Here's my number.

                                             653-208 (fake number so don't call it)

Please don't give it to anyone else.I hope to hear from you soon.'

''OH MY GOD!!!"I yelled,getting up and dancing around.I pulled out my phone and quickly put  his  number under 'My idol'.I texted him too.

(M stands Miley and J stands for Justin)

M:Hi,Thx for giving me your number,it was great meeting you.

He instantly responded.

J:Thx for coming it was great seeing you.

M:Can I ask you something?


M:Have you ever been bullied?

J:Of course,everyday.Why,have you?

M:Yea.Talking to you is making me feel better about it though.

J:Just remember that nothing they say about you is true.What you say about yourself is what really matters.Just keep your head held high princess.

I smiled at the nickname he had just given me.


J:No prob.I have gtg so i'll talk to you tommarow ok?Can you meet me behind Starbucks at 3:00 on Friday?That's my only day off besides Saturday.


J:Night princess.

I looked at his last message all night then I slowly fell asleep.


I opened my eyes to a small dinging sound.That means I have a text.

J:Hey princess,it's Friday.

M:Oh yea!

J:Don't tell me you forgot?

M:Who could forget?

J:Great.See you at 3.

I turned my head to look at the clock.3:00 IS IN 20 MINUTES!I jumped up and ran to the shower.After my shower I got dressed in this ---------->

I walked out of the house and texted my mom where I was going and why.She responded with an okay.As I walked up,holding my dress down from the wind,I saw Justin wearing this,he looked totally hot!------>

I smiled and walked over to him.

Justin:You look great.

Miley:You do too.

Justin:Do you want to come into my tour bus?

He said pointing behind him.

Miley:Of course.

He walked me to the steps and followed me inside.

Miley:Woah!This place is huge!

He chuckled and sat on his bed.


I sat next to him and looked in his eyes.They are a light hazel.We stared at each other for awhile.

Justin:You have really pretty eyes...

Miley:You do too..

He started playing with the side of his bed and leaned in.Was he going to kiss me?I had never kissed a boy before and I was definantly not going to make the first move.As his face moved closer so did mine.I couldn't talk because I was afraid to say the wrong thing.His hand let go of the bed and brushed my face closer to his.

Justin:Don't be afraid..

He said seductively in my ear.I nodded and Justin softly placed his lips to mine.It felt like sparks were flying and bells were ringing.I kissed him back.His lips turned into a smile.After a while we layed back and he was on top of me.(They were just kissing,for all my wrong thinking readers.XD)

Scooter:So Justin..

Scooter said walking in.Justin flew off of me and we both sat up and pretended to just be talking.


AGE IS CLEARLY JUST A NUMBER IN THIS CHAPTER!what will happen in the next chapter?


But I do:)

<3= chapter!

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