All that matters

Justin Bieber is an international popstar.Me?I'm just a dopey middle school girl.And to tell the truth,im not the prettiest.With this ugly light brown hair and these weird dimples.


3. Meeting my idol

''My daughter was hurt at school today,''My mom said on the phone while examining my toe.''YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!"SHE YELLED.''I DON'T CARE IF YOU TRY TO KEEP EVERYTHING IN ORDER AT YOUR SCHOOL BECAUSE IT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT WORKING!"She walked away while screaming to the principal.I sighed and limped to my room.I sat on my bed and turned on my ipod.''Everything's gonna be alright..''It sang.My eyes started closing and I drifted off to sleep.


''Honey..,''I heard my mom say.She shook me lightly.''Get up..''I mumbled 'no' and turned over.''But it's time to the meet and greet..''I flew up and jumped off my bed.''I need to get ready for him!"I said,like I knew him,and shoved my mom out of my room.I hopped in the shower for about 5 minutes.There was no time to waste!I ran out and opened my drawer.All my stuff was pretty cute but I needed hot.I know i'm only 12 but that is no excuse for me not to look my best.I pulled on some skinny jeans and a Justin Bieber shirt.Nothing too showy.''Come on!"My mom yelled from downstairs.''Coming!"I grabbed my Justin Bieber book for him to sign and ran down stairs.


''Yay!We're next!"I said excitedly,almost dropping my book for like the 70th time.''Hun,you've been saying that the whole time in line.''My mom chuckled.''Well this time it's true.''I stopped bouncing and waited in line which was hard for me because I have ADHD.(means that you just can't stay still)''Bye.''I heard Justin say to the little girl who was walking away with her dad.''Hey,what's your name?''He said to me,I freaked out inside but I tried to stay calm.''It's Miley..''I handed him my book and he slowly took it after staring at me for a few seconds.''I'll be over there.''My mom said walking away,leaving us.''It was nice to see you.''He said and handed me my book.I walked away and found my mom.


Here is the new chapter it probably is still crappy but I tryed and thats all that matters.Enjoy!

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