All that matters

Justin Bieber is an international popstar.Me?I'm just a dopey middle school girl.And to tell the truth,im not the prettiest.With this ugly light brown hair and these weird dimples.


2. Little did you know

                                           Miley's pov

On my way to school I ran into my BFF,Mckenna.She's the kind of girl you would see in a movie bullying people,although she is popular,she's not like that.She has light brown hair,which she always has in a ponytail,and freckles on her nose.Every boy in fifth grade wanted her so,we'll see how it is in 6th.''Are you excited for our first of 6th grade?"She asked poking me with her shoulder.''Nah,it's not that exciting.''I shrugged.She looked at me and hugged my shoulder,pushing my skronny body toward her.''Cheer up and don't worry.Everything will be alright.''I snickered and moved away.''Easy for you to say,Mrs.Popularity!'' 

''Mrs.Popularity?I'm not married and i'm not that popular...''

''What about Dominick?Aren't you still with him?"

''What about him?"

I looked at her and totally ignored her comment.''And,you're always hanging out with those popular girls.''She pushed my shoulder and evil eyed me.''Whatever...''She said walking alittle faster.After 3 minutes,I could barely see her long legs in front of me.


I reached my new school and grabbed my schedule with my classes on it.The first class of the day.Mr.Whence's science class.''Okay students please take a seat anywhere you would like.''He said in a country accent.I sat next to Mckenna and she quickly moved away.I have no idea why she's so mad at me all of a sudden but whatever.After class I ran to my locker,which I had a hard time trying to find.''Oh hey smily.''Said Bren.She's a total witch.Last year at the school play,she pushed me off the stage on 'accident' and I broke my knee.''It's Miley..''She ignored me.''I see our lockers are RIGHT next to each other.''

''Yeah,cool isn't it!"I said trying not to upset her.But I failed.

''NOT COOL!I don't want my locker next to yours you she-man!"She slammed her sharp heel down on my foot.

''OUCH!"I said leaning on my locker.''Get the school to move your locker!,''She lifted her foot and closed her freshly stickered locker,''Or else.''She and her little gang walked away to 2nd period.I slide down the wall and took off my shoe.My toe was bruised and alittle bloody but it was nothing too serious.I totally hate that girl!



HI EVERYONE!I'M  SOOOOO SORRY THIS STORY SUCKS BUT IT WILL GET BETTER WHEN JUSTIN COMES IN!If you don't want to give this story a chance then go to my other story 'Dangerous'.Thanks Ciao.Or I think thats how you spell ciao well what ever bye.


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