Slave Auction:Anime Style

Izzy Phantomhive just joined Techigh, the school with the most advanced technology. The only thing that really should be mentioned in the name is "Pervhigh"... Because the teachers made a Slave Auction..and everyone must participate.


2. What's Your Deal?

Next Day...

"So what're we going to do today?,"Izzy asked Mina as they walked through the halls. "Photo shoots are today," Mina replied to Izzy, putting glasses on. "Those real?,"Izzy asked. "Yup...I'm bored,"Mina yawned. Izzy facepalmed. "You're crazy,Minako," she giggled.

"Wait…," Mina said. "What?," Izzy asked. "Isn't there a party at Trev's place?". Oops. Izzy had forgotten. "No worries; it's only tomorrow,"Izzy assured. Mina left for their class just as Izzy bumped into Fence. "Sorry," Fence said. Izzy got up and replied "It's ok," and smiled. "I know we just met…,"Fence said. "But can you keep a secret?". "secrets are my life." Izzy replied. "Well, Fence isn't my real name," he started. 'No wonder,' Izzy thought. "It's really Felix,". "Why do you hide the fact that your real name is Felix?," Izzy asked. "It's WAAAAY more epic than Fence,". "Let's just say that my parents are ALWAYS drunk psychopaths," he chuckled. The bell rung. "See ya at class, Felix!,"Izzy said.

Their first class was Slave Auction designing. All the juniors and sophomores joined together for the designing, since they'd all be doing the voting. Girl sophomores go first, while junior boys look at the nominees. "I am Mr. Drev," the teacher in a hoody said. "I am your teacher. Girls design. Boys check out nominees. Obey the dark." "Jeez he's such a creep," a voice behind Izzy said. She turned around to find two brown-haired girls behind her. "Hey," she said. "Hi!," the girl with longer hair said. "What's your name?," the girl with shorter hair asked. "I'm Izzy," she introduced herself for the millionth time. "I'm Andrea and-,"short haired one was cut off. "I'm Lily Kagamine and she's Andrea Ferrer," she said. Izzy smiled and told them that it was nice meeting them.

She leaned over to Mina. "Can you tell me who some of these people are,"she asked. Mina nodded. "North of where you are...well, you know Fence. You were just introduced to Lily, who is south of you, and Andrea, who is southwest of you. Lily is a Sophomore and she's that girly-girl type. Not in an annoying way,like me. She's known as a fangirl over Fence,Trevor, and obviously, Vincent. He's Northwest of you. Athletic person and fastest in class as we know it...he's a sophomore. Southeast is Trevs, who you know very well. And northeast is Captain Adrianna Skippy. His parents are just about as drunk as Fence's parents, so that's not his real name. We all call him Skippy, Skips,etc. west is Jack, who you already know. And I'm east of you!," Mina smiled proudly of her introduction to everyone North,South,East,West,Northeast,Northwest,Southeast,and southwest of Izzy.

'Dang,'Izzy thought. 'Wonder if she gets good grades in navigation,.' Izzy designed a uniform that was...pleasing,but not too much for people to vote on her. She didn't exactly WANT to get voted. She just wanted a good grade.

As the bell rang, everyone got all excited and practically threw their papers into the inbox. Izzy had a tough time going through the crowd,but she made it and gently placed her paper on the box and walked away.

"Izzy!," Izzy heard Mina call out for her. "IZZZZYY!!!" "Relax,Red,"Izzy glared when she found her. "I'm alive." Mina immediately began hugging (*cough*strangling*cough*)her and began to rant, "OHMYGOSHIZZYCHANHOWTHEFRICKDIDYOUSURVIVETHECROWDAREYOUOKAYDOYOUWANTMETOCOMEWITHYOUNEXTTIMEDOYOUNEEDAN--"

"Mina,"Jack came behind her. Mina quickly turned and smiled at her "boyfriend". "Izzy-chan survived the stampede!" Mina reported happily. Jack raised an eyebrow at Izzy, and smiled,obviously impressed. "My,my,"Jack said. "You're pretty good for a new kid,aren't you?" "Meh," Izzy said. "It wasn't that hard."

"You should've seen MINA last year" Fence laughed,coming in with Trevor. "She almost broke her BACK!" Mina immediately blushed out of pure embarrassment. Izzy didn't know how,but it seemed as if Mina and Fence were mortal enemies. Well,except for the fact that Mina obviously tried to conceal her anger. "She actually almost did,FENCE,"Trevor said,sounding like he was TAUNTING his cousin. Izzy made an observation of how Trevor treated Mina,and it was that he disliked her,but still respected her. "And that would've gotten her paralyzed." "Serves HER right"Fence huffed. "She's an annoying little--" Jack stepped in between Mina and Fence (obviously because Mina was about to get out her knife) and took Mina's hand. "C'mon Mina!," he tried to smile cheerfully. "Let's go to science now,or we'll be late!" Mina's anger level quickly decreased as she smiled. "Okay,Jackie!" And they walked away.

"Thank you,Jack"Izzy breathed. So much for concealing her anger,she thought. She turned to the two arguing cousins and watched them. "What is your deal with her?!"Trevor yelled. "She doesn't annoy us like she used to and she even TRIES to mind her own business!" "Well maybe because she--" Fence began to argue as Izzy coughed and the two turned to her. "Why not go to class?" Izzy said. "We're going to be late"

The boys looked at each other disdainfully,the walked with Izzy to their next class.

Oh my gosh,I have not worked on this story in FOREVER! I actually started this chapter a long time ago,but I didn't have the same idea as I do have now for ending it and I didn't finish WRITING it down. I MIGHT accept more characters in here,so just for fun,I'll take requests for people to add themselves in! Just fill this out:







Okay,so um,bye bye my little duckies :3

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