Slave Auction:Anime Style

Izzy Phantomhive just joined Techigh, the school with the most advanced technology. The only thing that really should be mentioned in the name is "Pervhigh"... Because the teachers made a Slave Auction..and everyone must participate.


4. Very Ebolafied Xylophones

At the party, Izzy discovered the VEX team: a team of people who did Robotics. Mina also signed up, but didn't dare say anything, in case Izzy wasn't interested. They hadn't had any meetings yet, though the Selection of the Members was to occur in the Auditorium the following Assembly. Why the formalities? Well, my dear reader, don't you remember this is a school of technology? Robots are key.

The Selection of Members was where each team leader chose their members, or sometimes, the member chose their leader. It began with the youngest group, and the first to speak chose. To make things fun, Vice Principal Quinn gave them a phrase and the first to say it got to choose.

"Minako Honda," she announced. "Step forward."

"I await my destiny," Mina said the oath. "And shall go by the rules, or I don't go in either way."

"The phrase," the Vice Principal said. "Is 'Put a lid on it'." Students sighed exasperatedly, while teachers nodded in response. She tapped the go button, and being that Mina is the fastest speaker in the history of mankind, she won.

"I choose to be on Korra's team!," Mina smiled. The audience applauded as she walked up the stage and he Ceremony went on. 

Steven was next. He talked a lot,but not fast, so he wounded up being chosen by Cameron's team. Luckily, Kristina spoke faster, and took him instead.

The Ceremony went on and on, until Izzy's time. She said the pledge and everything, and then got her phrase.

"The phrase is," Vice Principal Quinn looked down on the paper. "Ca...WHAT? It says 'Cameron is bae'!"

Laughter filled the room as Izzy stood, flustered. There was no way she said it. 

But there was a certain someone who would say it ANY day.

.::Timeskip brought to you by phrases::.

Now was their first meeting. They weren't exactly starting on the robot, but we're starting on the designs and how they got to know each other. 

Their "Robotics Line of Importance", as Cameron called it, explained...well, a line of importance. The College Assistants were first. They signed a degree that let them skip actual class hours to help with the robot. They also had to be former members of the team. It was optional to have these students helping, so the A-Team didn't have any. The B-Team, however, had Camilia and Jade.

Next, there were the mentors. They were Korra and Kristina, who were leaders of the A-Team, and then Cameron and Angel,leaders of the B-Team. Still,Angel mostly helps with the A-Team, leaving Cameron to lead a reign of terror. 

Then,there were the actual members:people who built and programmed. Freshmen weren't allowed, but you'll get your share of the member's info in no time.

Lastly,there were the occasional Visitors. They weren't officially part of the team,though they still helped, only if they signed such a degree as the College Assistants. The team ALWAYS had to feed them and treat them with utter respect, which mostly makes them a little arrogant. Luckily, there was only one per team: Jack and Richard (yes, as in the guy Mina fangirled over in the last chapter. They've got a tight history, so hang tight and stop squirming in your seat!).

"Ah, Science Room 35!!!,"Mina began twirling around,making her skirt spin. "It's so nice in here, isn't it, Izzy-chan?"

"I suppose so," she said, looking around. This was the main room for mechanics, so she was in a trance,  looking at everything. She's always been an inventor, coming up with tools to make life (and procrastinating) easier.

"So,us being new people..," Andrea said. "What do we do?"

"We wait here," a voice replied. They all turned to find a boy with messy black hair that reached to the half mark of his neck and dark blue eyes that shined with playfulness and immaturity, his smirk likewise.

"Richie," Mina smiled, though Izzy couldn't say if it was it of happiness, or a fake smile of disgust. "When did you join?"

"Yeah,Dick," Jack walked in,glaring. "Since when did you join the human race?"

"Since I was born," Richard said practically. "And I think your GIRLFRIEND is trying to ask about me joining VEX." He turned to the redhead. "I'm actually just a Visitor. Signed the degree. All that junk."

"Okay,"Mina said, smiling while Jack scoffed it.

"What we miss?," Korra asks, carrying a long box with (wheels) Cameron. She looks at the two boys,then blinks. 

"Clearly,"Cameron said. "Our teams are toast if we keep them in the same spot."

"Agreed," Kristina and Angel come in, bringing donuts.

Andrea walked over to Izzy and whispered, "Mina and Richard used to be a thing. But, rumors happened and then they broke up."

"They seem like they ARE best friends..,"Izzy noted, eyeing the two who were talking about how much they've changed since their first year. 

"That's because he was technically the only guy who ever stood up for her," Andrea explains furthermore. "Whenever nice girls tried to help while the sporty boys insulted her, Rich was the one who helped. She, on the other hand, made him a happier guy. He was adopted, and really lonely"

"Then wha--"

"Hey guys!," Mina smiled from behind them. "I wanna introduce Izzy to Richie!"

Izzy turned and held out her hand to shake. "Pleasure to meet you, Rich."

"Nice to meet you too, Izzy," he took her hand and shook it. 

Their hands parted as she studied him. He seemed nice enough. But...what was his part in "The Game of Drama"?

"So,"  he finally said. "What got you into joining Robotics?"

"Inventions," Izzy shrugged. "Into them, always have been."

"Cool,"Richard nodded, somewhat pleased with the answer. Maybe it was because the answer wasn't like, "Because my mom made me."

"Oh and Richie!,"Mina giggled, holding his hand. "Can you show me where the duct tape is again?"

"Mina," he chided gently. "You know we can't just take stuff like that. It's really important for Mr. Gleebog."

As Mina argued, Izzy realized she was playing in Richard's place: the calm one. The one who guided. The one in control. She was mostly an older sister to her, but he atmosphere between the two was...different.

"Is this the Media Center?," a voice asked. Everyone turned to find a brown haired boy holding Kool Aid. He seemed a little...drunk, being that his brown eyes looked wild and sleepy at the same time. 

"Ah, Lilio?," Korra asked. "This is the Science room."

"Hi,I'm Lilio," he walked in, toppling on the side of a table and grasping it. "And welcome to Techigh news."

"Okay,guys," Kristina said. "This side of the room is for the A-Team and the other side is for the B-Team."

Izzy went to the B-Team side, where Cameron stood and everyone else (she recognized Cracker) sat at tables.

"Alright, motherfreakers," Cameron said. "First thing's first: You're under MY control."

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