Slave Auction:Anime Style

Izzy Phantomhive just joined Techigh, the school with the most advanced technology. The only thing that really should be mentioned in the name is "Pervhigh"... Because the teachers made a Slave Auction..and everyone must participate.


1. Techigh

Isabella May Albarn Phantomhive walked into this strange new school. 'It looks weird...theres so much technology!' Izzy thought. She giggled. This would be a good new year.

Before she could walk in, a redhead hung from the trees in front of her. "HAIIIIIIIII!!!!!" She said. 'Who...what the...' Izzy thought. " um....hi?" She replied. The girl jumped off "Hey! I'm Minako Honda, but call me Mina-chan!". "I'm Isabella Phantomhive" Izzy told her. "Just call me Izzy". "Ok,Izzy-chan!" Mina giggled. "Well, since you're new, here's the tour!"and Mina pulled her into the school.

Techigh was known for being the school with the most advanced technology. It is the only thing hat has discovered other living organisms out of earth. Yes, aliens. It hasn't told anyone,though. Only students know because of a rumor.

"Woah..." Izzy said. She'd never seen a place like this in her life. She looked at Mina. "No need to thank me" she smiled, as if knowing Izzy's next move before I even recorded her thought. "Hey!" They screamed at me. Oops. "One thing to warn you..." Mina said...seriously. Izzy looked terrified, as if knowing what Mina was about to tell her. "Welcome to Pervert Wonderland" another voice whispered wickedly into her ear.

Izzy turned around. 'Gosh.' Izzy thought. 'Another pervy story'. It was a boy...a rather cute boy. Izzy blushed. How can a perv be this se— "DONT SAY IT!!!" they continue to scream.

"Jamison." He said. "Trevor Jamison". "Get away,loser!" Mina told him, arms folded. He glared for a second. 'Oh gosh this girls new! Gotta make a good impression!' Trevor thought. He put an arm around each of he girls. "So,ladies.." He started. Rose petals and fangirls everywhere. "How about we go out for some ice cream?" He winked. Izzy blushed.

Mina shrugged. "You can go,Izz. I hate this loser and I wouldn't want to ruin your chance of popularity." She said,walking away. "Um...."she stammered. Was Mina mad? No idea. "She never stays mad." Trevor pushed her on his locker and brought his face closer to hers. "There's also a party tonight. My place. Everyone's going." He walked away as the bell rung.

Mina ran out of the lockers. "Phew!"she said. "You going to the party?" Izzy asked her. "Yup" she smiled. "Oh! We have an assembly today!" Mina yelled and pulled Izzy into the auditorium.

The place literally looked like a movie theater. There were seats everywhere, stumbling people, and LOTS of popcorn. Mina plopped down into the nearest possible seat and pulled Izzy into one with her. Izzy looked to see who she was sitting with.

She was sitting with a silver haired boy. He smiled at her. "You new?" He asked. "Yup!" Izzy said. "I'm Thyme." He said, like with Trevor. "Fence Thyme". Izzy giggled. Fence sighed. "I know,I'm named Fence. My parents were crazy thinking that would be a good name." Izzy stopped. "Well,I'm Izzy. Merry Christmas.". She looked to see who was next to Mina. It was a guy with black hair. "So that's her?" He said. "Yesh" Mina replied.

"Uh..."Izzy said. "Sorry about the weirdness." The boy said,smiling. "I'm Jack Kimball". "Izzy" she said. She was getting tired of introducing herself. But she noticed that Mina's arms were hooked with Jack's. "You dating?" She smirked. Jack and Mina said "Yup!" and "sorta..." At the same time. "Explain, Fence" Jack told Fence. "Well.."Fence started. "We play this game called 'Oreo' and it's a game of rock,paper,scissors. If you lose, the winner tells you to ask out a person. The person can say no but... Mina likes Jack, so they're officially together" Fence explained. "And when someone's not paying attention to the fact that he hates her..." Fence smirked. "They make a good couple.". Jack blushed. He dared not say anything because he was in HER presence. "Yeah!" Mina said and somehow managed to passionately kiss Jack as the lights turned off.

An old man stepped to the front. "I am Mr. Millers,your principle. I just want to say to the sophomores of last year that most of you girls looked". "What a perv" Jack,Mina,Izzy, and Fence whispered together. "This year, we are continuing the Slave Auction. For mg new students,I shall explain. The Slave Auction is when you go through a stimulation room in which you will take pictures. Choose an outfit and a setting, and the pictures will automatically start in five seconds. We will use them in and Auction where people auction on the opposite gender.The pictures will be at an auction where the Seniors vote for Freshmen and Juniors, Sophomores. There are three themes and one week wi be for girls,then boys. The themes are...

1)Hot Uniforms

2)Sexy Servant

3)Killer Beach Party

All students MUST participate in photo taking because it is a part of your art grade. Now..." And Izzy zoned out. 'Oh gosh' was all she thought. "I can't wait to look at your pics" Mina said, cuddling with him. "Fine, you can have the uniform one." "And?" "And the servant". "AND?"

"Do I have to?" Jack pouted. "Just seeing your cute face makes me want it!" Mina smirked. "Fine. You get the beach pic..." He said. "Only if I have yours" he smirked. "Say wha??????"Mina said.

She hated people looking at her, especially half naked. She usually wears one piece suits, but the principle said that she had big thingys, therefore forced to wear two-pieces.

"Fine." She whined. "But only cuz you're my boyfriend" she kissed his cheek. Izzy and Fence were left, laughing. Izzy had one last thought.

"This year would be awesome"

That's it, my duckies! I know, I sound like Mad Mod from Teen Titans. But I had to. Anyways, this is my version of the original Slave Auction. Hope you love it!

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