Slave Auction:Anime Style

Izzy Phantomhive just joined Techigh, the school with the most advanced technology. The only thing that really should be mentioned in the name is "Pervhigh"... Because the teachers made a Slave Auction..and everyone must participate.


3. Party Time!

School, in reality, is mostly seven hours in every district. Though, in Techigh, the teachers were interesting (to make fun of...they were oblivious!), students were intimidatingly interesting... And then there were friends. So, to most people, school days ended in a manner of seconds in Techigh.

Izzy was one of those people, and she got Mina to drive her home. How did Mina, of all people, get a license? Well, how did she end up in a school with the most advanced tech? That's what I thought.

Mina was already dressed. She had an orange and white tank top and some black shorts on,along with some orange Aldos. For the most part, she usually doesn't dress up like a glorified Barbie doll all the time, though the maids reported to her family about her wearing ripped jeans and a Superman tee.

"Alright,girlie," Mina smiled, unlocking the car door and setting up the GPS. "Let's go to the Wayne Manor!"

Izzy pokerfaced. "That's not a real place."

"Well, welcome to the city of Americana Exotica," Mina impersonated a tour guide. "Where all fandoms come to life." 

Izzy simply rolled her eyes playfully as Mina started the car.

"But there IS a super rich family with a playboy billionaire here," Mina stated when she exited the parking lot. "He keeps loads of adopted kids,then that one ten year old kid that looks suspiciously like him. Still, I personally like Richard." The fangirl swerved the car and almost hit another one. 

"The only thing more dangerous than drunk driving," Izzy clutched the side of the door. "Is Fangirl driving."

"Sorry," Mina smiled sheepishly. "He WAS a really cool guy!"

"He go to our school?," Izzy smirked.

Mina nodded. "Sophomore. Just like us."

"He ever talk to you?," Izzy asked. She was now interested in hearing about people she's never met, yet are still in her class. Unlike the rest of the class, she wanted to learn about her peers. The only time everyone ever REALLY bonded was in parties, like Trevor's.

Mina jammed the brakes as she stared at the street light, with the same bloodred color that reflected onto her eyes.  "Used to be all the time," she muttered.

The rest of the ride was silent. Now, Izzy could clearly see Mina as someone easily underestimated. Though, still, she has respect that she's not used to, and that this turning point for her was hard. 

So much for being bubbly.  

"And now, we're here."


.::Timeskip brought to you by cliffhangers::.

So far, the party has been amazing. Trevor gladly welcomed the girls, brought them to Lily and Andrea, and they just talked and danced (the one time Mina actually danced), and munched on the Special Edition Cambie Crackers (SO JUICY!). They all told Izzy

how well Trevor's mom made fruit punch, so Izzy decided to test the theory.

After she pushed the dispenser switch down, she was beginning to walk back to her friends when she felt something hit her hand. Izzy was startled and dropped the cup.

Izzy turned to the direction from which the rubber band hit her. Two boys, a

blonde and an Asian, pointed at each other and said in unison "HE DID IT!!!"

Izzy studied them carefully. She knew about physical reactions when lying. She studied the two boys carefully and noticed that one of them blinked seemingly harder as he said it.

"Yo,Asian dude," Izzy glared. "You lying?" 

"Wha..NO!," the arrogant freak replied, with hesitation.

"You hesitated," the white boy pointed it out.

"Shaddup, Cracker," Asian boy snapped at "Cracker". "And,princess, you can't tell whether  I'm lying or not."

"Sweetie," she faked a sweet smile. "Did you know I was actually SMART enough to enter Techigh? Oh wait, no... You know nothing. You're too full of yourself.



Both turned to a girl with brown hair,highlights, and caramel skin. She had a nice smile, with braces in her teeth. She held a Vanilla Bean frappe and Double Chocolatey Chip. 

"Sure, Korra," the boy sighed reluctantly, taking the Vanilla Bean. She gestured the remaining drink to Izzy in a kind manner, though she refused. The girl was kind, but Izzy was constantly being subdued with Starbucks Mina and Andy. 

"Thanks but no thanks," Izzy smiled politely. "I'll just have the fruit punch...and thanks for saving me from..ah..."


"Yeah. Cameron."

"And END SCENE!" Mina's voice piped up.

The girls turned to Mina who wore one of those Shakespeare hats, a striped shirt that hung loosely from one shoulder,leggings, and a black bandanna around her neck. In her hand, she had a filming camera.

"You've been VIDEOTAPING us?!," Izzy yelled.

"I FILMED, woman!"

"And when did you change?!"


"Okay, you two..,"Lily split up the fight. "Let's let Izzy try the fruit punch."

They all watched Izzy as she took a sip...and it WAS really good. She smiled as everyone began their "Told ya so!", moments.

"In honor of Izzy-chan defeating Camey," Mina held up her cup.

"In honor of Izzy drinking fruit punch," Andrea held up hers.

"In honor of Izzy making new friends," Korra and Lily said together.

"May we have a toast."



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