Redthorn's Struggle

Redthorn, the newly appointed deputy of NightClan, is haunted by a secret about his past. To make things worse, StarClan cats are appearing in his dreams, crying for help from the living cats


1. Allegiances and Prologue





Leader: Lightningstar-brown tabby she-cat with a white muzzle

Deputy: Redthorn-dark ginger tom with amber eyes

Medicine Cat: Snowstep-pure white she-cat

Apprentice, Bramblepaw


Wolfclaw-dark gray tom with icy blue eyes

Crookedwind-swift dark gray tabby tom with a crooked tail

Blizzardfoot-white she-cat with pale gray paws

Apprentice, Foxpaw

Icepath-white she-cat with brown legs

Flamestripe-ginger tabby tom

Apprentice, Rainpaw

Tigerleap-long-legged dark brown tabby tom

Apprentice, Firepaw

Skyfur-blue-gray she-cat

Turtlestream-ginger and white tom with green eyes

Stormhawk-huge black tom

Russetfire- ginger she-cat




Bramblepaw-pale brown tom

Foxpaw-dark ginger tom with black paws and tail

Rainpaw-gray tabby she-cat

Firepaw- tawny-colored tom with a distinctive ginger tail


Crowstripe-black tabby she-cat (expecting Flamestripe's kits)


Shadowrunner-black and white tom

Snake-brown tom with amber eyes, former loner



   "Redthorn, come over here. I must speak with you." Redthorn's gaze filled with warmth as he saw his father shuffling toward him. Shadowrunner's pelt hung loosely on his bony, underfed frame, and he seemed as if he could hardly stand on his paws.

   He allowed the frail old cat to slowly lead him into NightClan's pine forest. Pride filled his heart. This Clan was regarded as cunning, stealthy, and deadly. At last he was deputy of the most powerful Clan StarClan had ever watched over.

   Redthorn winced every time Shadowrunner snapped a twig. This leaf-bare was quite harsh, and prey would now be even harder to track.

   With surprising agility, the elder leapt onto a rotting log, Redthorn close behind. Shadowrunner's green gaze was solemn and thoughtful, the expression Redthorn had always admired.

   "Well, erm, how do I say this? Featherheart 'nd I, we're not your true parents," he mumbled, voice barely audible.

   "What? You're trying to say you've lied to me my whole life?" snarled the proud new deputy. His amber gaze hardened, tense and furious. Shadowrunner began to stutter unintelligible meows. Redthorn could make out two words: "Clan" and "Kit".

   Suddenly Redthorn couldn't take it anymore.

   Flashing claws connected with the old cat's throat, transforming the stutter into a quiet gurgle. The still body slumped onto the ground, blood pooling around his neck. Redthorn gently grabbed Shadowrunner by his scruff and trudged west.

   In no time they were at the ReedClan border, and Redthorn began to wail about an attack.

   An attack in which Shadowrunner had been killed.

   A false attack in which a proud cat was covering his crimes.

   An attack that would scar Redthorn for life.




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