This is Forever

Sexual Content is included
Chloe Summers from Florida just moved to Canada.18 and pregnant Im friends with this guy name Justin Bieber supposedly he's famous now and he left when I told him that I was pregnant by him wow stupid right I'm only 4 months pregnant and it's a boy his son.Justin haven't talked to me since, my friends are still here and my family are here to support me when I go to school no one makes fun of me cause I'm a sweet person well I can be sometimes it depends. I have brown hair grey eyes and outgoing I hope that Justin shows up soon he didn't care about me being pregnant so he just left me it sucks to be honest when someone walks off on you and never speak to you ever again one day I hope he comes into his sons life and we would have a nice relationship this baby is gonna bring me and Justin close if he ever comes around.


6. This Is Forever: Chapt6. I love him

"And I wonder why I had sex with you" he said 

"Is that good or bad" I asked 

"It's between no I'm kidding yes it's a good thing" He said and pulled his shoes and shirt off I bit my bottom lip and he climbed into bed 

"Dont look at me that way" he said 

"Well sorry Mr Grumpy it's just it's been months since I've seen you shirtless and damn you got a v line"

"Dont stare to much"

"Ill try not to and besides I have to sleep on this side cause the doctor told me that it would be comfortable" 

"Next time I wanna go to the doctor with you" he said 


"When's your next appointment"

"I don't know in two months"

"Okay" He said I sighed and put a pillow under my head laying on it Justin turnt the other way I sighed and rubbed his arm grabbing his hand putting my fingers through his.He held my hand and I slowly fell asleep.

The next day I woke up I was laying on Justin's shoulder he was still sleep I sat up still kind of sleepy rubbing my belly Justin groaned and giggled in his sleep
"You're so funny girl" he said and I smiled rolling my eyes  

"She's carrying my baby leave me alone I love her"

"Oh really" I said to myself Justin sighed and turnt the other way towards me putting his hand on my leg stroking it up and down 

"Justin" I said shaking him

"5 more minutes" he said 

"Justin you have to go your tour" 

"Oh shit"He said getting up putting on his shoes putting on his shirt grabbing his SnapBack 

"Call me" he said 

"Okay" I said he kissed my belly and my lips grabbing his car keys 

"Wait did you think about it" I asked 


"Me and you together" I said 

"Oh yeah I thought about it I didn't go to sleep till 1 in the morning thinking about it so yeah we're dating gotta go" He said giving me a quick kiss on the lips and leaving I sighed got dressed and left the hotel going home 

"Oh your here how did it go where have you been" my mom asked 

"It went great me and Justin talked it out he told me to meet him at the hotel across from the mall felt the baby kicked we kissed a few times held hands he took me to McDonald's he slept with me at the hotel and now were dating" I said 


"Yeah aren't you happy"

"A little" she said 

"Well I feel like I love him"

"No no no not" she said 

"No mom I love him this baby is gonna bring me and Justin close and were dating he told me that he was gonna take me to the school dance but I told him not to so I'm going and be with my friends"

"Wow um okay"

"Mom could you like him"


"You gotta get over it I'm eighteen"

"And still in school" she said 

"Graduating this year"

"Still in my house"

"Mom come on" 

"No you can stay with him since you're having his baby" she said 

"He asked me and I said yes"

"Okay good" 

"Well I'm gonna go wash up" I said walking off going upstairs taking a shower when I got out I brushed my teeth washing my face I put on some clothes grabbing my phone calling Justin.

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