This is Forever

Sexual Content is included
Chloe Summers from Florida just moved to Canada.18 and pregnant Im friends with this guy name Justin Bieber supposedly he's famous now and he left when I told him that I was pregnant by him wow stupid right I'm only 4 months pregnant and it's a boy his son.Justin haven't talked to me since, my friends are still here and my family are here to support me when I go to school no one makes fun of me cause I'm a sweet person well I can be sometimes it depends. I have brown hair grey eyes and outgoing I hope that Justin shows up soon he didn't care about me being pregnant so he just left me it sucks to be honest when someone walks off on you and never speak to you ever again one day I hope he comes into his sons life and we would have a nice relationship this baby is gonna bring me and Justin close if he ever comes around.


4. This Is Forever: Chapt4. The talk

"What are you doing here" I asked 

"I wanted to see you" 

"Oh really"

"Yes really" He said talking like a girl I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms 

"What's the real reason we already had sex and look what you've done"

"I don't want sex" he said 

"Then what are you here for"

"Can a person come by and see you"

"Yes but i'm just curious"

"Dont be" He said and kissed me and I pulled away 

"Justin you have a girlfriend"

"So she's a bitch"

"Then break up with her" I said 

"No and you didn't say anything when I kissed you the last couple of times" 

"I know but you have a girlfriend" 

"Just forget about her" He said grabbing my waist 

"Stop Justin" I said trying to get out his grip he kept holding onto to my waist I gave up and sighed 

"Give up" He asked and I looked up at him 

"I gave up cause I'm pregnant"


"Can you let me go" I asked 

"Kiss me" He said and puckered his lips out 

"No i'm not kissing you"

"Admit it you like me kissing you" 

"Noo I don't" 

"Yees you do" 

"Go fuck Selena" I said 

"Ew no"

"You say ew but your dating her prick"

"Fuck you" 

"You already did remember i'm pregnant" I said 

"I know that thank god I have eyes"

"Thank god that you need to open them and stick your head out Selena's no ass and see how she's treating you" 

"What's going on between me and her doesn't concern you"

"It kind of does you're the father of my baby" I said 

"Our baby he's my son to" 

"I know but you walked off and if I didn't come to meet you you wouldn't be here anyways" I said getting out his grip


"And what if it was a girl you would have left" I asked 

"No we talked at my meet and greet and I didn't know it was a boy till you told me I would still be here I made the damn baby and I'm gonna be the responsible one for it" 

"I'm responsible to Justin you got me pregnant ME and if I didn't meet you I would've been tooken care of him myself" 

"That's not true Chloe I would have came back I was gonna see you when I was finished" he said 

"Really you were shocked when you seen me"

"Cause I didn't expect you there I thought you hated me"

"I would've hated you but I thought to myself I have a baby and were gonna have to deal with it right" 

"Of course" he said  I sighed and held my stomach slowly sitting on the bed cause it started hurting 

"You okay" he asked

"A little"

"I'm sorry for the argument i'll leave" 

"No stay" I said grabbing his hand 

"I'm hurting you and the baby" 

"Justin it's fine seriously stay your leaving in the morning and I want to sort some things out"


"Help me up" I said he grabbed my hand and pulled me up we went over to the couch and sat down I sighed rubbing my belly and got myself comfortable.

"Alright what is it" he asked 

"We got the baby thing settled"


"I wanna talk about us" I said 


"Because we got the baby stuff out the way" 

"Alright" he said 

"Well when he comes he will bring us closer and we'll be spending more time together since i'm gonna live with you wait why did you want me to stay"

"Cause it'll be easier"

"Right um well do you think it's possible maybe in the future we could be together and raise him together on our own" I asked 

"Of course I mean the baby part but I don't know about being together"

"Could you see me and you together" I asked 


"And it'll be easier for us to be together"

"Yeah maybe"

"Do you want us to"

"Yeah maybe" he said 


"What i'm being serious"

"Me to"

"Alright well I don't know" he said 

"You love Selena" I asked 

"I don't know"

"I think you do but she doesn't love you back"

"I thought this was about us" he said 

"Okay well I was just saying" 

"Yeeah okay"

"Well anyways maybe some day our son would want us together" I said 

"Yeah we'll see"

"Okay but seriously do you want us to be" I asked 

"Maybe I mean just because I got you pregnant doesn't mean we have to date" 

"I know that but me staying with you having a baby is like me and you together"

"Well I don't know"

"How about you move in with me" I asked 


"Well i'll just stay here and find my own place and you can visit your son on your own time"

"No we had an agreement okay you stay with me and when me and you need rest my friend could babysit him" 


"There's no or I live far away" he said 

"If you love your son that much you would visit him moving in with you and your famous really I don't want people to expect that we're having sex or something" 

"I don't care what people think and when my son gets here your moving in with me no complaints" 

"You can't make me" I said 

"Yes I can trust me" 


"I know you want to" 

"Yeah right" I said

"Oh come on let's stop arguing and just move in with me" 

"I don't know Justin sometimes I wish having sex with you never happen but it did"

"That makes two of us" He said I sighed and put my hand on the side of my head

"Let's give him up" 

"You crazy if you don't want him I do but then again your gonna feel sorry cause he won't have a mom that loves him" 

"I do love my son it's just a lot of work" 

"I'm here the dad of my child is gonna be with you to help you" he said 

"And if you didn't come to Canada I would've done it myself" 

"Look Chloe i'm sorry I walked off could you forget about that and be happy that i'm here I don't think I can do this carrying a baby I have a career here" 

"So it's all about your career your gonna put your career before your son your own son Justin you should have been thinking about that when we had sex"


"Justin stay we have a lot to talk about" 

"I rather not"



"Come here I'm sorry it's just stressing me out i'm pregnant here it's not my fault either it happened and this is what we get for not using a condom lets just not talk about it for tonight" I said he sighed and turnt around I seen he was crying and it hurted me a little 

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