This is Forever

Sexual Content is included
Chloe Summers from Florida just moved to Canada.18 and pregnant Im friends with this guy name Justin Bieber supposedly he's famous now and he left when I told him that I was pregnant by him wow stupid right I'm only 4 months pregnant and it's a boy his son.Justin haven't talked to me since, my friends are still here and my family are here to support me when I go to school no one makes fun of me cause I'm a sweet person well I can be sometimes it depends. I have brown hair grey eyes and outgoing I hope that Justin shows up soon he didn't care about me being pregnant so he just left me it sucks to be honest when someone walks off on you and never speak to you ever again one day I hope he comes into his sons life and we would have a nice relationship this baby is gonna bring me and Justin close if he ever comes around.


3. This Is Forever: Chapt3 Slowly falling for him

"Um...I gotta go" he said standing up. 


"Oh and tell your mom I said hi here's my number if you need anything" He said writing it down on my hand.  

"Okay thanks"  I said getting up walking him to the door opening it 

"To be honest when we you know kissed did you feel anything" I asked  

"I felt...a little something" 

"I felt a lot I was happy that you know felt your son kick for the first time" I said 

"Yeah hopefully i'll come back or something i'm gonna have to start reading a bunch of baby books" 

"Yeah that makes two of us" I said he smiled a little and rubbed my belly.I was really hoping he would kiss me again I smiled also and he gave me one last kiss when we pulled away he smiled and walked off. I bit the corner of my bottom lip smiled and closed the door behind me.I decided to stay at the hotel till tomorrow I sighed and called Justin cause I didn't have anything else to do. 


"Hey Justin it's Chloe" I said  

"Oh hey is everything okay with the baby" he asked  

"Yeah im having pain but I just wanted to call you to ask  if you were coming to the baby shower in two weeks I wanted to do it early" I said  

"Two weeks what day" he asked 

"On the 18th I understand your on tour and everything you don't have to come" 

"I'll be in Paris at that time" he said 

"Oh okay well it's fine I know it's a girl thing but I just thought you should come" I said  

"I'll see what happens" 


"Where are you" he asked 

"I'm still at the hotel I decided to stay till tomorrow morning" 

"Oh okay well aren't you on bed rest" he asked 

"No not yet i've been real calm since my mom and dad got over the fact you got me pregnant" I said 

"Sorry about that"

"It's okay he's gonna bring us close" 

"We are close we're friends" he said 

"I know but when he arrives it's gonna bring me and you more closer and were gonna be spending more time together I know you have a girlfriend and all sorry if i'm sounding desperate or something but...I um just thought I would say it to get it off my chest" I said  

"It's fine and I agree with you. Me spending time with him will make me and you get a little more closer"  

"Yeah I just can't wait till he arrives knowing how many lives will change and were gonna have to get used to being up all night with him feeding him putting him to sleep changing his diapers it's gonna be real bad and then we'll be exhausted and my mom could keep him while we rest it won't be a big deal she agreed to keep him on weekends so that we could get all the rest we needs since she isn't working" I said 

"I was wondering since we're having a baby and all that I want you to move in with me so it would be easier to not come down to Canada all the time to see my son I mean I don't mind seeing my family and all but it's just that I would have to come back and forth from Cali to Canada to see him" 

"Oh um yeah i'll think about it if my mom approves but what about her babysitting him on weekends" I asked  

"We could get one of my friends to babysit don't worry"  

"Or I could drop him off where you stay on weekends" I said 

"That's to much" 

"Well since i'm graduating i'll move in with and the baby when he arrives and my mom doesn't have to watch him" 

"I like that idea where is the baby shower gonna be" he asked  

"It's gonna be at my house my dad is gonna be out of town at that time and my mom is gonna help if you don't wanna come cause of my mom then I clearly understand that"I said and chuckled a little. 

"Um yeah i'll see about that I have  a concert and Meet and Greet" 


"How long will it be" 

"It'll be 7 to 10 we were gonna play some games and stuff like that" I said

"Girls will be there right" 

"Yeah a lot of my friends from school they're my age don't worry I know you wanna flirt with them" 

"Nah not really" he said  

"Oh okay when are you on your vacation" I asked

"I dont know i'm not even on the road yet but I will be in the morning"

"Oh where are you going to next" 

"Florida" he said 

"You gonna crash at your moms" I asked 

"I don't know yet when I left the hotel I went to hang out with my friends" 

"Oh they're really nice to me Christian held my books and walked me to class once" I said 

"Oh really" 

"Yeah Ryan brought my food to the lunch table and When I first got to the school on my first day everyone was staring at me and Chaz helped me to all my classes and everyone around the school started being nice to me" 

"Are there any mean people" he asked 

"No one of them is nice to me ugh I can't stand one girl "Oh look at the fat whore" bitch i'm pregnant I'm suppose to look like this I don't know why she's talking she suck dick for living" 

"Ahaha badass...I like it" 

"What does that suppose to mean" I asked him curiously 

"I just like it when you talk like a badass"

"What it turns you on or something" I asked 

"No it doesn't I just said I liked it that's all" 

"Oh okay sure well i'm going to bed I need rest" 

"Open the door first" he said  

"Justin was you outside the door all along"  

"Yes now open the door" He said I rolled my eyes and hung up the phone getting up opening the door he came in and I closed it. 

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