This is Forever

Sexual Content is included
Chloe Summers from Florida just moved to Canada.18 and pregnant Im friends with this guy name Justin Bieber supposedly he's famous now and he left when I told him that I was pregnant by him wow stupid right I'm only 4 months pregnant and it's a boy his son.Justin haven't talked to me since, my friends are still here and my family are here to support me when I go to school no one makes fun of me cause I'm a sweet person well I can be sometimes it depends. I have brown hair grey eyes and outgoing I hope that Justin shows up soon he didn't care about me being pregnant so he just left me it sucks to be honest when someone walks off on you and never speak to you ever again one day I hope he comes into his sons life and we would have a nice relationship this baby is gonna bring me and Justin close if he ever comes around.


24. This Is Forever: Chapt24. Life is short

"Tell me" mom said 

"Nothing's wrong and he said that Drew will be here in 3 or 4 months" I said 

"I want to keep him on the first day" she said 

"Hell no I told her first when we talked" Justin said 

"I'm her mother"

"My baby my girlfriend"

"Stop arguing mom Justin said he wanted to take care of everything on the first day he's home"

"I can't stand you" she said to him 

"Neither can I" He said she walked away and I looked at him 

"What" he said 

"What's your problem"

"My problem she started it 
you know she did ugh I'm leaving LETS GO!" He yelled I put my hand on my hip and seen Alfredo and Ryan leave with food in their hand I sighed and walked to Justin's car 

"Justin your here for another hour" I said 

"Leaving early" 

"Fine then" 

"Love you"He said puckering out his lips 

"I'm not kissing you" I said 
"Why not"

"You're leaving me your here for another hour I won't get to see you again till I'm in labor where are you gonna be for an hour" 

"Riding around" he said 

"Oh really that sounds boring" I said 

"Yeah but your mom isn't with me so it's fun" 
"Justin come on you can spend the hour with me"

"Oh so now you wanna have sex" he said 
"No I don't wanna have sex just talk"

"Yeah I'm leaving" he said 

"Fine your gonna regret it"


"Alright fine go and maybe ill tell the doctor you know-"

"Tell him what" 

"Nevermind that" I said 

"Dont bribe me"

"I'm not bribing you" 
"Whatever I'm out okay"

"Okay be careful and stop driving so fast" 

"Babe you know me" he said 

"I still want you to be careful"
"Alright"I stuck my head in the window and kissed him 

"Love you Justin I'm not kidding be careful"

"Yeah yeah yeah love you to"

"Okay"I said he gave me a juicy kiss on the lips I stuck my head out the window and he put the window up backing the driveway I waved and he honked his horn driving off I sighed and went back inside enjoying the party.When it was over I cleant up took me a shower and put on a lingerie getting into the bed I seen one miss call and it was Justin I smiled and called him back 

"Hey Justin"
"Hey I'm back on the road heading to Paris"

"I thank you for coming to the baby shower to support me and your son" I said 

"Your welcome I just wanted to come I told Alfredo that I decided to come when you got on the plane"

"Well that's sweet of you"

"Yeah what are you doing" he asked 
"Well I just took a shower heading to bed" 

"Oh everyone is sleep except me and the driver" 

"Your on the tour bus" I asked 

"I'm on my private jet"

"Aw I wish I was with you"

"Yeah it's quiet it's just what I needed anyways so you going back to school"

"Yeah tomorrow graduating next week"

"I'm proud of you" he said 

"Yeah me to and then I can move in with you my mom said that she wants to move to Cali to"


"Justin be nice" I said 

"I'm trying but it's just she gets on my nerves and I don't want her coming to my house" 

"Well I don't know what she'll do I just can't wait till the baby is here"


"I can picture you holding him your gonna be a great dad" 

"You'll be a great mom there's nothing to worry about I got him the first night you'll need rest getting out the hospital healing your body and stuff it's crazy we're having a family together" he said 

"Yeah but we are having a family and I can't wait everything will be perfect I'm happy no one is coming between us like your ex girlfriends" I said 

"Me to especially Selena" 

"Oh my god yes I can't stand her she's always stealing people boyfriends thank god she's not stealing you from me and I thank god that were having a baby together pushing her away and raising him I just wish my dad was here to see him he was excited when I told him I just want him back" 

"Aw baby I'm sorry I know how your feeling I know your hurt like I said you gotta be strong for him he's in a better place he's not coming back" he said 
"I know" I sighed and sniffled 

"Dont cry I miss him to" 
"Me and my mom is on our own now" 

"I know we have a family now" 

"Yeah and my mom is gonna be living by herself"

"Not really your dad will visit her it might be nice for your mom to live by herself" 

"Yeah and good news" I said 

"He kicked"

"Drew" he asked 

"Yeah he's been kicking all day I just didn't wanna tell you" 

"Wow babe that's so low"
"Noo I actually wanted you to get worried I wanted to see what you would do and you were worried about him" 

"Hell yeah I was"

"And you and my doctor oh my gosh" 

"I don't want him looking at you I suppose to be down there" 
"Justin the baby comes out from down there" I said 

"Ew we're not gonna have sex ever again" 
"Oh man up Justin" 
"Let me rephrase that I'm never gonna eat you out" 

"Whatever you say Biebs I'm going to sleep have a nice flight" 

"Get some rest you need it" he said 

"I will bye" 

"Bye" He said I hung up and layed my phone on the bed cutting the lamp off going to sleep 

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