This is Forever

Sexual Content is included
Chloe Summers from Florida just moved to Canada.18 and pregnant Im friends with this guy name Justin Bieber supposedly he's famous now and he left when I told him that I was pregnant by him wow stupid right I'm only 4 months pregnant and it's a boy his son.Justin haven't talked to me since, my friends are still here and my family are here to support me when I go to school no one makes fun of me cause I'm a sweet person well I can be sometimes it depends. I have brown hair grey eyes and outgoing I hope that Justin shows up soon he didn't care about me being pregnant so he just left me it sucks to be honest when someone walks off on you and never speak to you ever again one day I hope he comes into his sons life and we would have a nice relationship this baby is gonna bring me and Justin close if he ever comes around.


2. This Is Forever: Chapt2. Meet and Greet

"I know you're shocked" I said

"-I didn't expect you here I thought you hated me"

"No yeah you walked off but I like your music that's all that's why I'm here"

"Well I wanna talk to you do you have time" he asked.

 "Yes I have time"

"Alright well meet me at the hotel across from the mall" he said


"I'll be over when i'm done"

"Alright and I agree we need to talk" I said.

"Okay well you look great"

"Yeah you do to i'm happy to see you" I said


"Well yesterday I felt the baby kick twice"

"How did it feel the first time" he asked.

"Exciting I was really happy you're gonna be a dad" I said.  

"Yeah I know and when we had sex it was a mistake it just happened"

"I know but it's our punishment" I said. 

"Not exactly a punishment I mean I was just afraid to end my career"  

"I wouldn't think your career would have ended if you told everyone you got me pregnant your 19 and old enough to do anything" I said  

"Yeah we will finish this later i'm only in Canada for a few hours"  

"Oh well okay i'm happy to see you Justin"

"Yeah me to and um i'm happy you're here I was thinking about you" he said

"I was thinking about you to..a lot I know you have a career and it would mess up your reputation and all but let's just keep it quiet" I said and he nodded 

"I agree" He said I sighed and we took a picture I walked off and went straight to the hotel in front of the mall getting a room. When I got there it was big I looked in the fridge and seen some sodas and snacks. I smiled and took some water out fixing some popcorn sitting on the couch eating it then I heard a knock on the door.I went to get it and Justin came in.


"Okay let's talk" he said 

"I get it Justin you don't want it" 

"I made the baby I want it" he said 


"And i'm gonna try and tell everyone"  

"What why" I said 

"Cause I want to" 

"What about the people that's gonna leave you" I asked 

"You know what I don't care about that shit they leave they leave and don't come back" 

"Why are you yelling at me"  

"I'm not yelling i'm just shocked that you're here" he said 

"Well I am" I said and sat down on the couch eating popcorn he sat beside me and sighed. 

"I know your pissed-" 

"I'm not pissed i'm actually kind of happy" he said 

"Yeah me to its been 4 months"  

"Yeah but I don't think I could do this" 

"Me either but we are and you would have to do what's best for your son" I said 

"It's a boy" he said lightly 

"Yeah I knew you would have been happy if I told you"  

"Yeah a boy i'm gonna have a son"  

"Yeah you are and it's gonna be my son to dont you think it's funny that were having a baby together when were just friends" I said 

"Yeah it is funny it's unbelievable to"

"Yeah and what if you didn't come back and care about him" I asked  

"I would feel like a bad person I mean I made him I didn't mean to but it happen anyways" 

"And you're paying for the consequences we both are actually" I said 


"So how's life" I asked

"Ugh stupid" 

"I know it's hard for you" I said 

"Not really its okay" 

"I heard you got a girlfriend that keeps running back to you what's up with that" 

"I don't know I love her" he said 

"Mhm I think she's just playing your heart and fucking with your head" 

"I think so also but whatever it's just- I don't know I love her if that's okay with you" he said 

"It's okay I mean we're not dating were just friends" 

"Yeah I know" He said sighing and eating some popcorn. 

"How bad do you feel about walking off on me" 

"Very bad..I felt like a dick when I didn't speak to you" 

"Oh"  I said he put the popcorn on the table in front of us and scooted close to me putting his hand on my belly. I looked down and put his hand where the baby kicks I knew he would have been happy if he felt it. We waited for a few minutes and he kicked I could tell Justin was shocked cause he smiled when he looked at me and felt it. 

"My son" He said 

"He loves you Justin"  I said 

"I love him to this is crazy" 

"Yeah are you gonna be there when he's here" 

"Of course I will its my son and I don't wanna miss it" he said 

"Your really gonna be there" 

"Yes Chloe"  

"Alright" I said and he sighed looking back down and he smiled he hugged me and I hugged back he kicked again we pulled away and we both smiled at eachother I couldn't believe this feeling was happening he slowly leaned in and kissed me lightly I kissed back and we pulled away. 

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