This is Forever

Sexual Content is included
Chloe Summers from Florida just moved to Canada.18 and pregnant Im friends with this guy name Justin Bieber supposedly he's famous now and he left when I told him that I was pregnant by him wow stupid right I'm only 4 months pregnant and it's a boy his son.Justin haven't talked to me since, my friends are still here and my family are here to support me when I go to school no one makes fun of me cause I'm a sweet person well I can be sometimes it depends. I have brown hair grey eyes and outgoing I hope that Justin shows up soon he didn't care about me being pregnant so he just left me it sucks to be honest when someone walks off on you and never speak to you ever again one day I hope he comes into his sons life and we would have a nice relationship this baby is gonna bring me and Justin close if he ever comes around.


13. This Is Forever: Chapt13. Telling his beliebers

"You're so strong" 

"Thanks" I said putting her on the bed 

"Coming to the concert"

"Im scared"

"Don't be come to the concert i'll be by your side and whoever leaves well I don't care I don't wanna loose all my fans and I don't want anyone hating on you the sex just happen we didn't plan it"

"I know"

"You gonna come"

"I guess"

"Yay" I said and began kissing her it turnt into a make out I pushed her down on the bed lift her shirt up and blew on her belly she giggled I pulled her shirt down and sat her up 

"Come on get dressed let's go walking or something" I said 

"Alright I gotta shower" 

"Noo just change"

"Alright" she said  


I got some clothes and changed brushing my teeth and fixing my hair me and Justin went walking around Miami shopping for ourselves and the baby 

"Aye babe I got the clothes and stuff for the baby"

"I wanna help to"

"Noo it's a boy not a girl"

"My son to you know"

"Yes he's gonna be just like his daddy SWAGGY"


"Yes he's gonna look just like daddy his first word is gonna be dad" 

"I doubt it it's gonna be momma" I said 

"Wanna bet" 

"Oh no"

"Cause you know i'm right" He said kissing my neck 

"Whatever I should pick out some clothes to"


"Yes I wanna help"

"You're gonna help by breast feeding"

"No I'm not breast feeding"


"Because he's gonna drink milk from a can" 

"You suck" he said 

"I know and he should wear this onesie it says But mommy says I'm cute" 

"THIS one says Swag" he said and I scoffed 

"You're a dick" I said 

"You are what you suck"

"Shut up I only did it once to you"

"It was nice you gotta admit"

"I said it was big not nice"


"I'm gonna buy him an outfit and you're gonna like it"

"Babe I told you I wanna do it i'm good with this" he said 

"I am to and he's gonna wear whatever I buy him"

"Fine i'll handle the shoes vans Supras" 

"Nike I like that and were not gonna spoil him don't pick him up whenever he cries were gonna spoil him"

"You are gonna spoil him" 

"No I won't I know what I'm doing" I said 

"Sure about that" 

"Yes I love my son more than anything I'm the one that's giving birth to him and he's gonna come straight out of my vagina and-"

"Okay I didn't need to know that and when your in labor i'm not going in it'll be weird" 

"So your not gonna hold my hand"

"Okay but i'm not looking at any parts" 

"Good i'm okay with that"

"Lets just say i'll buy all the baby stuff" 

"And lets just say no not gonna happen I wanna help pick the bed and everything else"

"Babe I'm good at this" he said 

"And you think I'm not"

"Oh come on" 

"Justin no i'm not letting you and you better not go behind my back"

"What if I say that one of my friends is gonna buy the bed" 

"Who" I asked curiously 

"Not telling"

"Tell him to take it back"


"I wanna pick the bed and decorate his room"

"Chloe your having the baby come on now"

"And he's gonna be our son and I wanna help okay please"

"Alright fine"

"Thank you" I said and got on my tippy toes kissing him 

"I haven't thought what I was gonna say to my fans"

"Say this.. I have something to tell all you guys I know it's not gonna be pretty and you might leave but I need someone to support me through this and my son I got a girl pregnant and she's having my baby I need more than my family and friends supporting me and I don't want any hate going to her we accidental had sex and now she's 4 months pregnant so it's okay if most of you guys leave I love my son more than anything and I just need your trust through this I don't know what to do but it's worth it if you leave me I don't wanna have secrets in this family I love all of you so just please don't send us any hate about it I'm doing my best what I can to care for my son and my girlfriend"

"Damn that's good you should say it" 

"Nah i'll be backstage watching you"

"Alright but you just made it easier on me" he said 

"I know" I said he grabbed my hand and I smiled at him 

"Thank you"

"For what having your son"

"For giving me the opportunity to be a dad"

"You're welcome I know it'll be hard but were a team were gonna do whatever we can to make our son happy"

"Yeah" he said lightly 

"And good luck tonight your gonna need it"

"I know"

"Remember I'm here whenever you need me to talk"

"Yeah I know thanks"

 "You're welcome" I said smiling kissing his cheek we paid for the clothes and shoes together going back to the room 

"So I was thinking i'll take the clothes back home" I said 

"Yeah okay and then you move all your things to my house ill give you the key and stuff to the house"


"And then when I be in Cali i'm gonna put up the bed and stuff like that"

"We're gonna put up the bed"

"You're not good at making stuff"

"Yes I am"

"No no your not i'll just do it or one of my friends babe your helping me by buying him clothes and shoes and having the baby that's enough"


"Thank you you'll need all the rest you need when he arrives" 

"You do to" 

"I know first night when he's at the house i'll take care of everything"

"You will"

"Yeah and on weekends Xavier or Alfredo will take care of him while we get rest"

"Okay that'll work so ready for tonight" I asked

"Hell no"

"Just remember what I told you"

"Things like this isn't easy"

"I know you have to be strong"

"I'll try"

"Alright I can't wait to meet everyone"

"Me either they'll like you better than you know who" he said 

"They didn't like her ahaha"

"Not exactly but yeah that's funny"

"Well i'm a lot nicer than her"

"I know" He said and I smiled 

"There's a lot of things in the house that you don't need to mess with things that you can break paparazzi's are crazy they'll end up in my trash don't worry about everything else just have fun" he said and I chuckled 

"Okay" I said and he checked his watch 


"I guess" I said He grabbed my hand and we left when we got there Justin changed into his outfit I was meeting with all the dancers his manager and the rest of his friends. He was getting everything out on him wires and everything I looked over to where he was and he looked at me I mouthed good luck to him and he smiled a little he went on stage and I took a deep breath. 
The concert was over Justin didn't feel so good about tonight so we grabbed something to eat at Taco Bell eating tacos 

"You told everyone the truth i'm proud and no one didn't leave"

"Yeah i'm not gonna be on twitter for about a week cause drama I don't want you to see things on twitter either" he said 

"Yeah I agree thanks for following me"

"You're my girlfriend were suppose to stay in touch" 

"Yeah you did great tonight i'm happy for you" 

"Yeah it's like everyone was silent I mean it just happened it wasn't planned"

"Yeah but it was good"

"Yeah" he said I sighed and rubbed my belly 

"Is he okay" he asked drinking his soda 

"Yeah he's fine do you still feel bad about tonight" 

"A little" He said taking a bite of his taco 

"Don't be they're in shock and I can tell a lot of drama is going on"

"Yeah" He said getting on his phone 

"What are you doing" I asked and he showed me the tweet he was gonna tweet saying "Im Sorry" I sighed and looked at him he put his phone down and put his head on the table a tear came from the corner of my eye I looked down at my belly and rubbed it.

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