Without You (one direction fan fic)

She was looking for a way to stay alive. On the way, she saw five.

cammie coleman is her name.

copyright harryology


1. Cammie Coleman

Hi, the name's Cammie. It sucks, ain't it? yeah, guess so. That's not my real name though, my foster parents just changed it. But they're all dead now. Dead. as in gone. Now, i'm living with my foster grand ma, Amelia. She's so nice to me. And i'm not going to ask for anyone except for her. She's the only reason why i am living in this hell of earth. Without her, i would also be gone by then. I'm 18 now, young or old depends how you look at it. I work in a bookstore, because that's the most peaceful place to work at.We are currently living in Chesire, Holmes Chapel. Sounds familiar? nah, there's not much to enjoy here though. We are just normal people with busy lives. I just wish i knew who my parents were, and why they left me. Oh and almost forgot, i love music. The Fray is the best. But i listen to some songs too, but not the present time, i mean like the old ones. Relaxing to listen to.


so then bye.

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