A Snake to a rat

Its a story a 17 year old boy who has let fear consume is life but wants to fight it so he can decide his own future.


1. Fear

Fear, it is natural to have some fear, like the type of fear that protects us from the dangers of a burning stove or a mysterious man following you. But if you find that fear consumes you or even stops you from pursuing what's in your heart then that fear can decide your life for you. All my life i have lived in fear, fear that i would get hurt, fear to disappoint or fear to be unloved. By playing my life safe, fear has devoured my future like a snake to a rat and i'm not sure if it is too late to change. This year i wanted to be a person who stands out in the crowds, a person that every knows and says "Wow there goes Charlie, he is just so brave"




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