Secertly Pregnant.

you can guess by the title what it is going to be about. I am going to write about Niall


10. Worrying Niall

Niall's P.O.V.

*****************************************TWO WEEKS LATER************************************************

I'm on the plane right now and the boys are wanting to film a new Video Diary (a/n haha i wish back to the story). I'm not really fully game for it. They're trying to convince me but i can't stop worrying about Diana and the twins. She's due in a month but she thinks she won't make it that long. I swear the only time i don't worry about her is when I am with her. Grrr. Just then Louis phone rings. I wish it was mine with Diana but it wasn't. I started listening to Lou's conversation. I heard the name Mare. And then Harry yelled hi. I wonder if there hiding something. I took Harry by the arm and dragged him to the back of the plan. I guess he could tell why. He explained that Mare was short for Mary Kate which again I got told was another nickname and that she was Louis' cousin that was coming to visit when her school was out for summer. And she also realized that she was going to Ireland and not England. Well at least that got by mind off Diana for a little bit. We decided to film a Video Diary on the plane and upload. I will say i missed doing them. We got to the airport and Mum drove me to her house pick her up then drive us home. She really did look like she was going to pop any minute. We got home and all three of us ate dinner there. I invited Mum to stay. She said no then Diana insisted for like half an hour till she said yes. I wonder why she did that. Probably because mum was there the time of the pregnancy while i was only there for part. and for most of that part i wasn't there i was on tour. Man did I miss her and glad to be home but for now it's time to sleep .Bye.

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