Secertly Pregnant.

you can guess by the title what it is going to be about. I am going to write about Niall


1. intro

Diana P.O.V.

Hi by name is Diana Marie Heart. I have lived in Mullinger, Ireland almost my whole life.My best friend was my next-door nieghbor Niall Horan. I know Crazy. Anyway i am know 4 monthes pregnant with his child. But he doesn't know.One Direction are doing well althouht it is becoming more painful to listen or look at them because of Niall. It's not because he did something really bad, it's just that i know by son and daughter to live with out there father. Yea i'm Pregnant with twins so i look fearther along then I actually am. That makes it so much harder to hid. It doesn't help that they are coming here in a week to promote there new album .Midnight Memories. Or at least a single from it. i heard the is a song about the old me on it. Yea i know but Maura had a preview and should it to me. She knows I'm pregnant and stands by my every decision. That means the world to me.Anyway he said him and the boys are going to come and visit me. Me and the boys are good friends, just not as close as me and Niall were. anyway i have nothing else to say so bye.


Niall's P.O.V

I just got off the phone with my mom. I really hope she didn't tell Diana that I was coming. all though she probably already found out from the plans. I really hope she's okay. The last time we talked she wasn't feeling do good. I tried calling her after that and it kept telling me that the phone number i dailed has been disconnected. Well I should just stop worrying and get some rest so goodnight.

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