Secertly Pregnant.

you can guess by the title what it is going to be about. I am going to write about Niall


8. Chapter 8(okay i suck at titles)

Diana P.O.V.

**********************************************2 MONTHES LATER********************************************

The boys did finish painting and then they left back to go on tour. :(. I am seven months now. Maura has been staying with me at the new house. Niall's orders. Even thought Maura is here it's kind of lonely here. They only have to tour for one more month. Niall should be home for Elsa's and Jai's birth. At least i hope he is. I have gotten so big. I'm glad there is only about 2 months left. Elizabeth will figure out the gender in about a month. I am so exited for her. Whelp I'm going to chill with Maura for now. 

Niall's P.O.V.

I have been worrying about Diana a lot lately. I might be driving the boys crazy with it or I have been in a daydream. You choose. I mean we talk just about every night, but still I worry about her.When we first left there was an article about her, I told my mom and also told her not to show it to Diana. It kinda dissed her to about where I don't think she could manage it. I am also glad that she is like never on twitter, for the same reason. We come home in a month and i am so exited. Not that i don't love seeing the fans, but I miss her.Well we have to go on stage now. Bye.

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