Secertly Pregnant.

you can guess by the title what it is going to be about. I am going to write about Niall


6. chapter 6 (and once again i can't think of a title for this)

Diana's P.O.V.

  Niall proposed to me about two weeks ago. He remembered when i wanted to be proposed to and one of the countless ways i wanted to be proposed to. He proposed to me while we were decorating the Christmas tree in my room. That was part of the date. I know it's cliche but i really don't care. It was to sweet for me to say no to so we are now offically engaged. Ohhh and so is one of Harry's sisters to Liam. I didn't know there was more then one of them. OOhh and she is also pregnant but only about 2 monthes. It is Christmas next week and so all the other boys are heading home tomorrow.:( i will mis them. any way so in two more weeks i will figure out the gender(s) of the twins. Me and Niall are so excited for that. He wants one of each and i deffintally hope one is a girl. But thats all for now so bye

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