Secertly Pregnant.

you can guess by the title what it is going to be about. I am going to write about Niall


4. Chapter 4 (sorry i can't think of a title for it.)

Before start there is an important a/n at the end so please read it. thanks and enjoy.

Diana's P.O.V.

I heard a door open, but didn't think anything of it. I thought it was Maura coming in to check on me. Then i heard a gasp. I looked over. It ended up being the last person i wanted to see. Niall James Horan. I just didn't want him to find out, escpecially with out me telling him. I now i should of told him when i first got pregnant.


Niall'S P.O.V. 

I didn't even know. How come I didn't know this earlier. I can't just ask her that though. What to do?What to do? What to do? Just as ask. NO. Just as ask. NO. Just as ask. NO. Just as ask. NO. Just as ask. NO. Just as ask. NO. Just as ask. Fine.

(N=Niall, D=Diana)

N- When did this happen?

D-about umm 4 monthes ago

N- wait does that mean its mine?

D- yeah Niall it means you are going to be a father to twins.

N- wait there twins

D- yes Niall they are.


D- Ni sit down

N-i should tell the boys 

(end of convastion)

I ended up leaving at that point. I had to tell the boys right then. I ran over to the house, They were all in the living room. All in one spit. Now to get them all to anther with out loosing anyone. I told the boys to go to my room that i have to tell them something that i didn't want my mom to hear. They all went up to my room. Mmm easier then i thought.

(N= Niall, H=Harry, L1=Liam, L2=Louis, Z=Zayn, M= Muara)

Z- Okay Niall we are all here what did you want to tell us

N-Ummmm i don't know how to say this.

L1-You can tell us anything. and you know that. You always have been and always will be able to.

N-Ummmm Diana's pregnant(a/n Niall whispered this)

H- What did you say?

N- Diana's pregnant(a/n he yelled it this time)

L2- WHAT YOU SAID SHE COULDN'T GET PREGNANT.(a/n i'll explain later like after she gives birth later.)




Z- guys can we please stop yelling. 

M- Why are you guys yelling

N- No reason mother. I'll tell you later.

M- Okay honey

L2- I agree with Zayn. But Niall call Simon and tell him Diana's pregnant.

N- I know I was going to after i told you guys.

(end of that convosation)

Next up: Simon. If the boys reacted like this Simon might come through the phone and strangle me.

(N=Niall, S=Simon)

N- Hey Uncle Si i have something to tell you.

S-Hello Niall. What do you have to tell me.

N- you remember my friend Diana, right.

S- Yes she was such a lovely girl. Why did you bring her up.

N-Um she's pregnant and I am the father.

S- oh. Well congraltions Niall. But I really have to go. I have a meeting to attend to

N- Thanks Uncle Si.

S- No problem Niall just be careful what you do.

(end of convosation)

Well that went better then it did with boys. That's good. And Simon's okay with it. Thank the lord. Anyway I should tell my mom now i guess.

(N-Niall, M= Muara)

N- Mom I have something to tell you.

M- Diana's pregnant.

N- how did you know.

M- I have known sence she found out she was pregnant honey.

N- You new and you didn't tell me 

M- it was for the best Niall and she didn't want you to even know. she begged me not to tell you.

N- oh okay thanks mom but why would she not want to tell me?

M- she thought it would distroy your career. she didn't want that happening. she wanted you to live your dream.

N- oh well I'm glad you aren't mad. I couldn't stand 6 people in the same house hating me.

M-the boys are mad you? i will have to strantin them out.

N- Thanks mom, but please don't. They need to learn to deal with it.

M- okay honey go get some sleep.

N-okay i will night


(end of convo.)

So i did what mom said and dreamed of ways to get here back in the process.


A/n okay so i want to skip time for a month so she could figure out the sex(es) of the babies. I am also going to have a contest because i want Harry to have a twin sister. To enter i need a comment on this story or the mumble i'm going to make with a name, hair color, eye color, personality, favorites and dislikes. 

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