I Will Survive.

Vanessa is not normal. She has developed abilities beyond compare to anyone else. This is because of one thing. Zombies.


2. Power.

          I felt fear. I had never felt anything more at that moment, but that horrible, gut-wrenching feeling. My guns were god-knows-where and I had no protection. I closed my eyes and breathed, forcing the horror down my throat.

         My pistols. I reached at my sides and found them both where they needed to be. A path was made in the crowd and I climbed back onto the hill and saw a zombie there. He wasn't completely lifeless.

          "H-hi..." IT SPOKE. I held on tight to my weapons.

          "What are you?"

          "I'm still a zombie, but not completely."

          "Oh hell no. I'm not dealing with this 'warm bodies' shit. This isn't personal, strictly biz, ya dig?" I raised my gun and aimed for his head. He was dead before he rolled down into the crowed of the undead. I was left trapped on the Island of the Zombies.

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