My family of supers (Avengers fanfic)

Avengers fanfic
This is about Pandora's life. Her father was best friends with nick fury. Her mother is dead alone with her secret.
Pandora is pregnant with her rapists baby. When her 'uncle' nick gives her father a job at SHIELD, what happens when she meets,And becomes friends with the avengers? Read and find out.

Ps spider man love story later on


4. chapter 4

The others pondered about what pandora said. It's sad she will lose her baby, but at least she isn't sad about it. They also wondered about Loki's plan, and if he is still alive considering Gunny and his threatening. Suddenly a crash was heard, Fury shot up from his seat like a rocket. He had just came back from Loki's new cell, he left when the dog showed up. Nick knew where the crash came from, it was again from Loki.

"Follow me." He said to the avengers, the others didn't think twice before suiting up and following.
Pandora's POV

"This stupid!" I whined at Loki who had me by my sides. Gunny was growling until I glared in his direction. He seemed to get the message I could handle it. Loki wasn't being rough. Like he was holding me close gently, he was carful of Emma. And I was glad for it, that's how I knew he wouldn't hurt me. He was to carful of my well being.

"It's not stupid." He said rolling his eyes.
"Do I have to go, I'm tired!" I whined yet again
"Well I'm sorry about that but there is nothing I can do to help you not be tired." He said like I was stupid.
"Carry me then." I said lifting my arms up, he chuckled and lifted me up bridal style.
"Where are your avengers now?" He asked insinuatingly
"I don't know they could be using the bathroom." I said with a shrug just as the avengers actually arrived.
"Nope their right there."

"What did you do to her?" Tony yelled seeing me in Loki's arms.
"He's carrying me coz' I'm tired." I said smiling.
Everyone let out a sigh of relief.
"But he does want to take me somewhere with him though, which is weird coz' normally when you find out a girl is pregnant guys drop you and kick you to the curb. Not want to take you places." I said.

"Pandora get away from him, he'll hurt you!" Steve yelled
Just then a jet can next to the conveniently placed window.
"Sorry avengers, it was a nice stay. But I'll have to take this." Loki said and ran at the window. I thought we would hit it or brake it but we went through it and Loki propelled us on the jet.
"Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" I yelled aghast

"Sit down, you're exhausted." He said ignoring my question.
"Your lucky I am tired or else I would beat you." I grumbled and sat on Loki using him as a pillow.


Fast Forward(awakens at stark tower)

I woke up on a really comfy couch. I looked up to see the familiar surroundings of stark tower. Loki was standing outside on the patio balcony thing.
I had trouble standing, I feel like a watermelon. My belly is to swollen for my tiny body. My boobs are getting swollen as well. Once up I went to the kitchen area, it really was just a mini fridge. Oh well, it had doughnuts. I looked out to Loki again to see tony with him. I rushed as fast as a swollen person can rush to the doors.
"Hey, these doughnuts are amazing." I said when I got out there.
"Pandora!" Exclaimed tony hugging me gently.
"Yeah yeah, here I am." I said I then was pushed back into the tower by tony.
"It's safer in here." He said and I didn't feel like arguing so I just went with the flow.

So there is where I waited, until some monster blue things came in an tried to stab me at least.
I haven't used my powers in so long, but this was serious. The two blue monsters jabbed their spears at me while talking to each other. I took a deep breath and once I let it out death leaked from my mouth. It slowly creeped towards the two and when it hit them they turned to nothing but bones. I sighed in relief and sat back down on the couch. I looked out the glass windows so to Loki being smashed by the hulk.
I wobbled out side just in time for hulk to leave.
"Are you ok?" I asked almost laughing at his face. He just whimpered.
"It looks like the hulk gave you an epiphany man. You look like you just seen a whole new side of the world." I said snickering. Again he didn't respond. I sat on the steps next to him and checked for broken bones.
"You broke a rib or two, but other then that you are fine." I said he slowed his breathing, probably because of the pain.
I went inside and got Loki a doughnut, when I got back outside he had started to get himself or of his hole.
"Here." I said and gave it to him, he looked at it strangely but still ate it.
"That was amazing, what was that?" He asked
"A doughnut, they are really good but fattening also." I said I seen all the monsters drop dead, and something fall from the sky.
"The avengers will be here soon, I'm supposed to be in the house. I never gave you that doughnut." I said and went back in the tower. I had to step over the corpses or the rotting blue monsters to get to the couch. I soon fell asleep on the comfy pillows.

I don't think I was asleep for long because it only felt like minutes before someone gasped really loudly.
"What?" I questioned eyes still closed.
"What happened to these chutari members?" Steve choked out.

"Oh, them? I killed them pretty easily." I stated and sat up to look at him. He had a worried look on his face and stepped over them to pick me up. Bridal style. He walked us outside where the others were, they also had a jet waiting to transport Loki.
"Hey guys!" I said
The others whipped around and ran to hug me. Hulk got to me first though. He took me from Steve's arms and hugged me gently to his chest. I was passed around the group until I was passed to Tony. Something was wrong.
"Tony why is your soul traveling." I asked
"What are you talking about?"
"Your soul, it's crossing from the dead back over." I stated

"I kinda was dead for a few minutes." He responded
"Don't do that, what if your soul couldn't make the trip. Then you wouldn't be here." I said into his still armored chest.
"Don't worry kid, I'll be here for a while." We all loaded up and sat awkwardly it the jet on our way to the hellicarrier. Hulk was Bruce again of course.

"Pandora, what exactly did you do to those chituri members at the tower?" Steve questioned
"I used a deathly poison, it killed them on contact and turned them to nothing but bones." I replied
Everyone just kinda looked at me and had little conversations with each other.

Once I was on the hellicarrier uncle nick found me and pulled me into a hug. When we pulled away we just nodded to each other. Knowing not to use words. The war was over And everything can now go back to normal.

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