My family of supers (Avengers fanfic)

Avengers fanfic
This is about Pandora's life. Her father was best friends with nick fury. Her mother is dead alone with her secret.
Pandora is pregnant with her rapists baby. When her 'uncle' nick gives her father a job at SHIELD, what happens when she meets,And becomes friends with the avengers? Read and find out.

Ps spider man love story later on


3. chapter 3

I ate one sandwich and gave the rest to the hulk, we happily ate them and as soon as he was done he changed back to bruce.
"Why are you on my shoulders pandora?" He asked
"You put me there." I said smiling
" Somebody big help me down please!" I asked looking around. Steve picked me up from behind and set me on the floor.
"I thought you said the hulk liked to smash?" I asked Bruce.
"He does, but he's very protective over you. He keeps screaming in my head that you need to be safe." Bruce said smiling.
"He's a good listener." I said showing him the pictures I took.
"It's very strange, he has never wanted to protect anybody before."

"Again with the word strange, I'm not that odd guys." I said with a huff.
The rest just smiled at me.
"So where are we putting him?" I asked pointing to Loki.
"Another cell." Uncle Nick said, I nodded and yawned.
"I'm tired somebody carry me to a bed." I whined
"Such demanding things pregnant people are." Tony joked
"Have you ever wanted to see the inside of your own skull in real life." I told Tony seriously.
"No I can't say I have."
"Then shud'up!" I said popping the 'p'

"What could you do? Belly bump me?" I smiled evilly, looking at Tony with my glowing green eyes that have black freckles in them.
"I am Pandora, named after a Greek god. I will release all the evils of the world from my secrete box. I am currently wearing the god of mischief and lies helmet. I'm pretty sure I could pretend to swing Thor's hammer if I asked. I could have you smashed by a giant green rage monster. I am currently and will most likely always be, the most awesome person in the universe. So you sir, who is not pregnant should stop hating on us pregnant women. Otherwise you can suck my invisible dick mister cocky!"
I then took the liberty to just go to my room on my own, I don't need anyone's help anyway. I am perfectly capable of doing things like a normal person.

----- back with the avengers------

Everyone was shocked that Pandora could ever say anything like that. Well most were shocked, others had already seen this side of her. They all pitied tony, because they knew what it was like to be on the reserving sides of Pandoras rage, and it didn't feel good. The feeling of guilt struck tony as he shifted uncomfortably.

"Did she say she had an invisible dick?" Asked Natasha

"She also told stark to suck it." Answered the newly brought back Barton.
"Don't worry Tony, she didn't mean anything she said, if Pandora meant most of the stuff she said and actually acted on it well................................ Lets just say she would dominate the world and all the other realms." Nick said

"How many times has she gone off the deep end like that?" Asked Bruce
"Not often but we all have enough experience with it to last a life time."
Barton shivered at Furys words, remembering bad times.

"Again, scariest mortal I have seen." Loki stated for the second time.
"I would have to agree, she sure does have her mothers temper." Nick said sighing while rubbing his temples.
"You knew her mother?"
"Ah yes I was friends with her mother, her father has been my best friend for a while. You may not see it. But Pandora is very intelligent, to the point to where she could make everyone else in the room feel like cave men. But she hides her brains, and her temper well." Nick explained
"Who was her mother?" Asked Bruce
"Her mother wasn't exactly normal, nor was she from earth." Nick said
"So your telling me Pandora is not fully human!" Tony said wide eyed
"It all makes sense now, he blood was purple. She said it was normal for her and not to ask." Bruce said astonished.
"Does Pandora have any special abilities?" Natasha asked
"That's for her to tell you, her father doesn't even know his wife was not human. And he has no idea Pandora isn't normal." Nick said smirking before taking Loki and leaving, probably taking him to his new cell. Everyone stared at each other, unknown to them Pandora's dog was still in the room. Watching them, he wasn't particularly normal either. He was sent to her before her mother died to protect her. Gunny had a different form, not of an earth dog. He was a hell hound, and could communicate with humans. He could speak their language well. But he just watched the avengers stare at each other. He silently snickered and walked up to Bruce, he liked Bruce the best. He was a reckless green beast if angered, yet had such a soft spot for Pandora that he would protect her with his all and then some.
Bruce looked down at the dog confused then patted his head lightly. Gunny stood on his back legs with his front paws on Bruce's shoulders. Looking him right in the face.

"You think yourself a monster, yet are the gentlest with my master I have ever seen."
Everyone looked at the dog in shock, freaking out inside.
"Did you just talk?" Bruce asked the most freaked out of them all, this dog just talked to him like a person would!!!!!
"Yes I did just communicate with you, I have the correct language do I not?"
"Yeah your good on that, what are you?" Asked Bruce
"The question is, what are you. What are all of you? Because if the answer is a threat to mistress Pandora and her unborn child that will never see the light of day. Then I will have to step in." Gunny said hopping on the table to look at them all.
"What do you mean her child will never see the light of day?" Asked Tony
"Mistress Pandora will not be giving birth to the child, only that of worthiness can in pregnant that of a death witch, and that man is not worthy of the air he breaths in that cell of his."

"So Pandora's child will not survive?" Asked Thor

"Not to you all at least, but Pandora will not fret. She will be able to see the child if she wishes. But as I said, I made the mistake of leaving her side once since her mother died and now she has to carry that child for 5 more months. If you all hurt my master, then I will rip out your throat with my teeth then shove it down a garbage disposal." And with that Gunny hopped off the table,
"Now I have to find that Loki fellow and explain to him some rules also." And then gunny was off down the hallway.
"He normally wouldn't expose himself." Everyone turned around fast and panicked, hearts beating fast. Just to see Pandora, she appeared out of no where.
"Where did you come from." Asked Steve placing a hand over his heart.
"Let's face it though, he only wants what's best for me. And his threat shouldn't go unconcerned. He will kill you all, he has the power." She said walking around the table tracing it lightly, ignoring Steve's question.
"And I think we all know Emma won't make it, she is to small and that will be her downfall." Pandora said rubbing her tummy.
"You don't look sad though." Clint said speaking up
"Because if you heard correctly from Gunny he said I was a death witch. I can cross the borders between life and death and see people from the other side. We are like................... The opposite of angels, though the angels and death witches are far extinct. I am the last left, they killed each other fighting."
"So what abilities do you posses?" Thor asked
"The power of Hades, all that jazz. I can do a lot but I don't use my power even though I have it mastered. I should go collect my dog before he kills Loki. "

"Ya'know, I just realized your dog has a military name! Gunny as in a drill sergeant!" Steve said happily

"You have just been demoted, I have just stripped you of your title of captain America and you are now a captain of crunch. Seeming as though you are so slow." Pandora said before leaving down the hallway after her dog.

".............................. That was the funniest thing ever."

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