My family of supers (Avengers fanfic)

Avengers fanfic
This is about Pandora's life. Her father was best friends with nick fury. Her mother is dead alone with her secret.
Pandora is pregnant with her rapists baby. When her 'uncle' nick gives her father a job at SHIELD, what happens when she meets,And becomes friends with the avengers? Read and find out.

Ps spider man love story later on


1. chapter 1


Director Nick Fury may not seem like the one to make friends, but he did have one. A childhood friend that is, they became friends in middle school and kept in touch. His friends name was Frank Wild, a scientist. Last Nick heard from his friend he had a daughter, and that was 15 years ago. He decided to pay a visit to his friend, he knew his location an wanted him to work for S.H.I.E.L.D, Frank was smart an anyone who talked to him knew it. Shield was just working on the tesseract, so they could use an extra scientist on the case.
Nick got to the little house in the woods and knocked on the door. His Friend answered the door and got a look of surprise. "Nick!" Frank exclaimed excitedly, hugging his friend with force. Frank was pretty strong, he always was.
"Hello frank sorry for the short notice but I have a job proposal for you." Nick said and explained the job and the pay, after frank invited him in. "That would be great nick but my wife just dyed last year and I can't just leave my daughter alone."
Nick thought for a moment, he remembered the last time he saw the child, she was a bouncing baby girl, with a bright smile and an angelic laugh. "How is your-"
"Daddy? Can you help me from my chair?" They both heard a tired voice ask, they walked into the living room to see the child. Nick was shocked to see that the bouncing baby girl was 15 years of age and about 3 months pregnant. "Sure baby." Frank said and helped his fragile child up. The child was named Pandora Wild, she was so small it looked like the baby she held in her was crushing her. She was 5'5 and a weight of 95 pounds and that was with the child! She had long red hair that was down to her waist and bright green eyes. With the help of her father she was standing and looked towards Nick, but her eyes flickered back to her fathers. "Sayde said the was coming down to pick me up and take me to her house down the street. Ok?" She confirmed with her father, frank nodded, and pandora walked off.
"She was raped, and decided to keep the child." Frank explained pain in his voice.
"Well if you except the job she can live at the shield base and be safe there." Nick said
"She would be protected at all times?" Questioned Frank
"Absolutely!" Nick said
"I'll take the job."


Frank was a great addition to the tesseract team, just as Nick thought he would be. And Pandora seemed to be coping with the move. She was stationed on the helli-carrier, where Nick could keep an eye on her. She hated the help that she desperately needed, she was stubborn and independent. But her fragile body needed the help and she didn't like to admit it but she knew she needed some help to.
She remembered Nick from when she was a baby, an the fact that he never forgot her birthday or Christmas. He may not have been there but he always got her the best of presents. She calls him uncle Nick, and even though he doesn't show much emotion, she knows he feels proud that she does.
"Uncle, when did you say you were going to check up on dad in the others?" She asked through the ear-com.
"I was just about to leave, no you can't go for the last time." Nick said
"I know, just tell dad that I said hi, and to be safe." She said and disconnected.


Nick got to the shield base and started talking to the doctors.
"Where is Barton?" He asked
"Up in his nest." Said Frank then going back to the tesseract. Barton came down and started talking about the tesseract being a doorway to space.

-back on the carrier-
"What do you mean something is happening to the tesseract?" Pandora asked agent Hill through ear com.
"Well........... Fury said its misbehaving. Don't worry pandora they will be fine."
"Ok, will you help me up Phil?" She asked her friend next to her. She and the agents there have bonded. She was a very likable person........ And that was one of her many secrets. Not even her dad knows of her secrets.

Phil helped her up and walked her down to the cafeteria where he stacked food piles high onto plates and sat her down at a lone table. She just smile at his over protectiveness. She slowly tried to eat all the food he put on her plate. She made it a quarter through the food before she had to stop.
"Your killing me with this food Phil." She chuckled "I got word from agent hill that the shield base was destroyed. But your dad and Fury both got out. I need to call Natasha and tell her important business." He said and stood up pulling her up also.
"I'll walk you to your room." He said and she nodded feeling tired. Once she got in her bed she fell asleep.....

Phil was just about to go and get Tony stark, when pandora asked to be dropped off at Starbucks. He said she could go if she promised to keep her tracking device on and she agreed.
So he drove her to Starbucks where she got coffee and a muffin. She was soon back in the car and towards stark tower.

"Are you going to come in with me?"

"Yeah, I guess so. I could use the exercise." Pandora said with a smile, Phil chuckled at her. They got to the elevator and Pandora had to override the systems in the AI installed in the building.
"Security breach!" Tony said once they got to the top floor.

Phil started talking about the avengers initiative. "This is Pandora, she lives on the main shield base with us." Phil said noticing Pepper staring. "Hello, it's nice to meet you both." Pandora said with a small wave of her hand.
"Pepper Potts. How old are you Pandora?" Asked pepper
"I don't want to be rude but can I feel your stomach?" Pepper asked her face lite up.
"Oh your fine and yes you can feel the baby." Pepper lead Pandora to the couch and felt her baby bump that was visible under her shirt. It was only visible because Pandora was so small, the bump looked huge on her.
"How far along are you?" Asked pepper while the 2 other males talked about the avengers.
"4 and 1/2 months." Pandora said unfazed
"Do you know if its a boy or a girl yet?"
"Yes it's a girl, her name will be Emma." Pandora smiled at Pepper, one of her best features was her smile.
"Pandora we have to go." Phil called to the young girl. " Do you mind if you drop me off at the airport?" Pepper asked "But Pepper!"
"Tony you have homework!" She shushed him. "I would be glad to drop you." Phil said

They all walked to the elevator, talking about Phil's love interest, who moved back to Portland.

Once the 2 were back on the helli-carrier Phil took pandora to the cafeteria again. They both sat there and drunk coffee until Phil was to go pick up Steve Rogers.
"Go on Phil I'll be fine." She waved him off, he smiled at her and left.
Pandora smiled, she had a Fun idea.

Pandora stood where Nick Fury normally stands. Wearing one of his eyepatches, one of his over cloaks and a fake gouty.
"You there, start making me coffee." She said pointing to a random agent. Agent Hill was standing next to her trying not to laugh. The agent actually made her coffee, which surprised Pandora.
"Agent Hill, hold my hot coffee!" Pandora ordered in her best 'Fury' voice. That was to much for Hill and she let out a few chuckles, but held the coffee anyway. "You! Start playing galaga!" She yelled at a random agent at a computer.
"Pandora what are you doing?" her uncle asked coming behind her. "What are you doing?" She replied back still in her 'voice'.
"Hold this." She said giving her uncle the coffee from agent Hill.
"Agent Hill, go get me a muffin!" She ordered
"What flavor sir!" Asked Hill in her soldier voice.
"Ummmm............... Blueberry!" Pandora said Hill nodded and left to get her muffin.
"Is this how you use my organization? To do random stuff for you?" Nick asked still holding the coffee. "Yeah, pretty much. Now help me into that chair would ya!" Pandora said changing back to her normal voice. Her uncle helped her into a seat at the avengers table. Just then Phil, Natasha an two other males came into the room. The blond one looked around and gave her uncle ten dollars. "Pandora what are you doing waking around?" Natasha said, Agent hill came back with her muffin and pandora nodded to her in thanks.
"Can you not see me sitting in a chair eating a muffin and." She snapped her fingers. "Coffee." She said looking towards her uncle. He sighed and gave it to her. "Oh yeah and I'm the new director of shield." She said with a smile. "She is, I've seen her 'direct' the other agents." Hill spoke up. Pandora held her hand up signaling she needed help. Nick got her up and she put her eye patch back on.
"You! 15 push ups now!" She yelled to a random agent passing by. He dropped to the floor and she laughed towards Natasha's direction. She took a sip of her coffee and a giant bite of her muffin. "See? Best director ever!" She said with the muffin still in her mouth. "Sit down pandora." Natasha said helping her in her seat. "Well I'm direct-"
"Sorry, I'm Nick Fury. Good to have you here doctor." Nick said rolling his eye at his nieces interruption. He and Bruce continued there conversation and pandora called Phil over.
"Where is my dad?" She asked

"Your father is with Jane foster at a safe remote area. Fury wanted you there to but realized you would never agree."

"Oh! Well do you think you could get somebody to drop me off at my friends house."
"Sure but later ok?"
"Sure sure later, do you still need your cards signed?"

"I haven't asked yet but I have them right here." Phil said handing pandora the cards.
"Ok cool help me up." Phil did as she asked and she put her eye patch back on. She got a nearby sharpie and walks up to the giant super soldier himself. "Are you Steve Rogers?" She asked in her fury voice.
"Yes ma'am" he said looking at her.
"Hello, I'm director Wild. I'm going to need you to sign these cards." She said handing him the cards and sharpie. He smiled at her and complied. She nodded to him, giving him a solute and handed the cards to Phil. She took off the eye patch and gave it to her uncle.
"Natasha will you walk me to my room?" She asked, the fellow red head nodded and guided her by her elbow to her room where she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

- back in the control room-

"Why is there a pregnant woman on the ship?" Bruce asked fury
"She's not a woman, she's just a 15 year old girl." Natasha said as she entered the room.
"She is here on my business, and even if I wanted her to go to a safe place she is to stubborn to listen." Fury said
"She looks about 2 months." Bruce said
"She's 4 and a half." Hill said
"She and that baby are to small."

"We got a match for Loki wait, cross match 98 %"an agent said
"Suit up." Steve said

By the time the jet was ready so was Pandora. She had a bag and was ready to be dropped off at her friends house. Natasha knew of this so it was cool.
"Ready pandora?" Natasha asked helping her on the jet.
"Yeah, so your dropping me off on the way back right?"
"Yup, so you'll have to bare riding with a criminal." Natasha chuckled seeing her face light up. "Can I ask him questions?" She asked and got in the cock pit with her fellow red head, soon Steve was in the jet and they were off.
*Pandoras pov*
"So we are dropping her off at her friends house?" Steve asked
"Yeah, we are planing this huge party." I said

"I don't think you should be partying." Steve said concerned.
"It's called a baby shower." I said laughing, he sighed in relief.
"So how is it Fury isn't mad at you for pretending to be him?" He asked
"Oh he's my uncle." I said with a wave of my hand.
"Oh!" He said in understanding
I watched as Steve got ready to jump out.
"Be safe Steve."
He nodded and saved a guy from Loki. "Stand down Loki." Natasha said in the mic. He just shot at the jet but Natasha swerved out of the way.
"Can I hit him when he comes in?" I asked Natasha.
"Sure!" She said shrugging
The P.A system was overridden by none other than tony stark, and was playing AC/DC music or something.
"Make your move reindeer games." He said holding out his gun- blaster thingys.
They loaded Loki the stupid on the jet and I was texting Sayde telling her I would be at her house soon.
I got up on my own for once and went to the back. I stood in front of Loki with my arms crossed over my chest. I then backhanded him. "That was for making my dad relocate." I punched his nose. "That was for Clint." I took him by his hair an smashed his head against the jet wall. "That was for the hit you tried to give the jet we are currently on." I then walked to the seat next to the jet door.
"I was wondering what you were doing here but now I see your Loki control." Tony said
"No I'm here to be dropped off at my friends house. I miss her and she is currently taking care of my dog that will be coming back with us." I said looking at him. There was a thump on the roof of the jet. Tony went to the hatch but it burst open and a dude with long blond hair came in. He went for Loki, and threw his hammer at Steve. He didn't notice me until I had him by the ear.
"Sir what do you think your doing" I said pulling him in a seat.
"Maiden you must move, I need to get to my brother." He said in a booming voice.
"No! Whose side are you on mister. We are on the side Loki isn't on." I yelled at him, " I am Thor god of thunder, and I assure you I am not on Loki's side. I am here to stop his antics." He said holding his hands up in surrender. I let his ear go.
"Good so are we. You have no issues with us then." I said and went to my original spot in the cock pit. "Wow pandora, you just dominated 2 gods." Natasha said nudging my shoulder.
"Those we're gods? Their not as cool as I read they should be." I said with a shrug.
"That's the scariest mortal I have seen so far." Loki said.
Natasha landed the jet but stopped me before I could get out.
"Do you have your communicator?"


"Your tracker?"


"Your phone and iPod?"


"Your wallet?"

"Yes, Natasha I do can I leave now?" I yelled, she sighed.

"Yes, be safe." She said I nodded and looked to Loki.
"So help me if I hear you did one stupid thing while I was gone I will pimp smack you into the next set of gods. Instead of being in the Norse gods you'll be in the Greek gods." I said and walked off of the ship into my friends arms.

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