One Direction Imagines

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8. Uxue/ Zayn

Uxue's POV


Imagine that you and you boyfriend Zayn are sitting on the sofa in his lounge watching the telly. You two have been dating for 3 almost 4 years now. When this commercial came on about wedding rings. You just sit there and watch the commercial. Zayn on the other hand tensed up.

"Zayn what's wrong you are all tensed up?" you ask Zayn concerned.

"Yeah I'm alright. So what do you want to do on our anniversary tomorrow?" Zayn asks.

"How about we go to the place we had our first date?" You ask him.

"Sure. We will do that for our special date." Zayn says as he gives you a quick kiss before he got up to go and make a phone call.

You sit on the sofa watching the telly. Zayn came back into the room and sat on the sofa. You cuddled up in his arms and he held you tightly. You two fell asleep in that position all night.

~Next morning~

You wake up in your and Zayn's bed. But Zayn's not on the bed next to you. You look at the night stand and see a note.


I had gone to set up our special date. But the only thing different is that I will be leaving notes for you. You will see me today and I have a special surprise for you! First get ready and go into the kitchen. There will be a note there for you.

<3 Zayine

You laugh at the little note from him. You get in the shower and washed up. Five minutes later you step out and wrap a towel around yourself. You quickly get dressed and dry your hair. You go down stairs into the kitchen. You find the note that Zayn was talking about.

I see that you followed my little commands. That's what I Love about you! Any way the next note is at the place we first met. I hope you like what I left you <3 Zayn

You pull your shoes on as you finish reading the note. You walk out to your car and drive to the Starbucks you two met at. When you pull up you get out of your car and walk in. You go up to the cash register to order something.

"Hello Are you Uxue?" the cashier asks.

"Why yes I am. Why do you ask?"  you ask purely confused.

"Well your boyfriend came by earlier and told us that when you show up to give you this." she says as she hands you a coffee a note and a teddy bear.

"Oh so do I still need to pay for the coffee?" you ask.

"No you don't it was already paid for." she says.

You walk back out to your car and get in. You open the note after you set the teddy bear in the passenger seat.

I hope you got the teddy bear I told them to give you. Well any way go to the place we had our first date. You will like the surprise I have for you there. <3 Zayine.

You giggle a little bit. You start your car and drive to the movies. When you pull up you see your good friend Niall holding some stuff. You get out of the car and walk up to him.

"Hiya Nialler!" you say and he turns towards you.

"Hey Uxue!" he says back.

"Oh Zayn called me here and told me when you show up to give you these." he says.

You take the box of chocolates and a note. You open the note and it reads.

So Niall here gave you the stuff that I told him to and I hope that you like the chocolates I had him give to you! Well now go to the place we shared our first kiss! <3 Zayine

You give Niall a quick hug say goodbye and head back to your car. You start the engine and start heading to your destination. You pull up to the park that you and Zayn shared your first kiss together. When you step out you notice that no one is there except one person. You walk up to the person.

"Hello" you say and he turns around.

"Hey Love" Zayn says.

"Oh wow! You look dashing today!" you say to him.

"Well I would love to look good for you!" he says.

"So Zayn what was the little note thing for?" you ask as you give him a hug.

"Well it was so I had time to find the right words for this" he says as he gets down on one knee and pulls out a black velvet box. You gasp.

"Uxue, Will you marry me?" Zayn asks revealing a beautiful Diamond ring.

"Of Course Zayn! A million times Yes!" you say as he slides the ring onto your finger. He gives you a passionate kiss.

Author's Note:

I really hope that you liked the story!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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