One Direction Imagines

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2. Tyeli/Liam

Tyeli's POV


Imagine that you and your best friend Liam Payne are sitting in the lounge at your house. He has been home for a week now and all you two have done is sit around. So you decided to suggest to do something fun.

"Hey Liam?" you ask.

"Hmm?" he replies.

"Want to call the boys over and have one of our famous little sleepovers?" you ask.

"Um.... Sure why not?" He said/ asked.

Liam goes to make some calls in another room. You decide that you would try and plan what you guys would be doing. Liam walks back into the room.

"So Zayn, Niall, and Louis said that they will come" Liam says.

"Why can't Harry?" you ask.

"Because he didn't answer his phone" Liam says and you giggle.

"Give me your phone" you say to Liam and you scroll through the contacts until you find Harry's. You hit the call button.

"Hello?" asks Harry.

"Hey Harry! It's me Tyeli! I was wondering if you would want to come over and stay the night with me Liam and the boys?" you say into the phone.

"Sure" he says.

"Great see you at 4!" you say as you hang up.

"So Harry will be coming over at 4" you say to Liam.

"Well it's only 3:40 so we only have 20 minutes." Liam says as he gets up and pulls out extra mattresses and puts them into the other lounge.

When he is finished we ordered pizza. After we had gotten off the phone the door bell rang.

"I'll get it!" you yell and go answer the door.

When you answer the door you are engulfed in a hug. You giggle and hug back.

"Hello Lou!" you say as you pull back.

"Hey Ty!" he yells back.

"Oh how we've missed you!" Niall yells as he gets his hug.

"And how I've missed all of you!" you say and you let the boys inside.

"Lets sit down and catch up!" Zayn says.

"Okay!" the boys say.

You guys talked for a while. And the door bell rings.

"I'll get it" you say and get up and answer the door. You pay for the pizza and bring it inside.

"Pizza!" Niall yells.

"Calm down Niall!" you say as you hand everybody their own pizza box.

"Now don't finish this right away! Because if you do then, one you won't get any more. And two I won't talk to you for the rest of the night and you won't share a mattress with me" you say kind of directing that statement at Niall.

"Aww, that's not fair!" Liam and Niall yell. You chuckle.

"You know I'm serious!" you say.

"Fine!" Niall gave in.

"I on the other hand won't give in to you!" Liam says as he finishes his second slice of pizza.

"Oooooooo" all the boys say, well not Liam of course.

"Oh, I see how it is!" you say and walk away. When you hear Liam whisper.

"Damn she was serious!" Liam.

You giggle because you only walked away to o and make popcorn. After you made the popcorn you walk back into the lounge to see all of the boys had eaten all of their pizza's.

"Wow" you say, "I guess no one will want to share a mattress with me"

"I thought that you weren't going to talk to us" Lou says with a slight grin.

"Oh I didn't mean that part." you start "MOVIE MARATHON!"

You all sit around the lounge and watch whatever movies you have. Now you are watching a scary movie. This one part was so scary that you jumped into Liam. He wrapped his arms protectively around your waist holding you close.

"Well I am tired! Who else is?" you ask after the movie ends.

"I am" all of the boys say as they get up and stretch.

"Okay" you say.

"Oh where will we be sleeping?" Zayn asks.

"On the mattresses in the other lounge" you say "follow me"

The boys follow you into the other room. You fall on the nearest mattress and you hear the boys laugh.

"What's so funny?" you ask tiredly.

"Nothing just you and Liam fell of the same bed" Niall says.

"Oh well I guess me and Liam are sharing a bed" you say as you fell asleep.

~Next morning~

You wake up to see a sleeping Liam. He slowly opens his eyes.

"Morning sleepy head" you say sweetly.

"Morning" he says back.

~several hours later~

"Truth or Dare, Ty" Liam ask.

"Truth" you say getting bored of the game.

"Who do you love?" he asks.

"You" you say not really realizing what you said until after you said it. You gasp and so do the others.

All of a sudden you feel lips crashing on yours. You kiss him back.

"I love you Tyeli" Liam says as you two pull back from your kiss.

You live a happy life together. After 3 years you two get married and have twins.

Author's notes:

Hope you like the story Tyeli!


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