One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


9. Roxie/ Niall

Roxie's POV


Imagine its the night after yours and Niall's wedding. You two are heading to your honeymoon destination. You have no clue where you are going because Niall wont tell you.

"Niall Honey will you please tell me where we are going!" you say to Niall.

"No, because its a surprise!" he says and you start to pout.

"Pout all you want because I will not tell you." Niall says firmly.

"Fine!" you say and stop pouting.

You end up talking about random stuff and you fall asleep in Niall's arms. When you wake up you are at your destination.

"Oh Niall are we where I think we are?" You ask Niall because he has been up for a while before you.

"Yes we are. Welcome to Paris, France!" Niall says happily.

You give him a tight hug.

"Remind me to give you something special tonight!" You say seductively.

"Oh really I get something special?" Niall asks.

"Oh yes you do!" you say and wink at him.

You two head to your hotel room. When you get there you arm dumbfounded at how the room looks.

"Like the room?" Niall asks as he chuckles.

"Yes I do for a matter of fact." You say to him.

You two get unpacked and enjoy the rest of the day together on your room. That night Niall got you pregnant. You lived happily ever after with Niall and your little boy named James.

Authors Note:

Sorry if this chapter is short! But I hope you like it Roxie! If you don't I can make you a better one!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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