One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


13. Rosie/Niall

Rosie's POV


Imagine that you and your brother Zayn were in disguise at the mall. You were trying on clothes and making Zayn watch you. He was very bored watching you until you came out wearing something to revealing. His eyes bulged out and he ran up to you and pushed you back into the changing room. You started giggling and changed back into your disguise.

"So Bub did you like the last outfit?" you ask mischievously.

"No! Don't ever put something on like that again!" he scolds you.

"Haha, well I wont if you stop looking bored when we go shopping!" you say.

"Okay, okay I wont!" he says.

You two start to head back home when you decide that you want Starbucks.

"Zaynnnnnn!!! I want coffee!! Take me to get coffee!!!" you whine.

"Haha, Okay" he says and you two head to Starbucks.

"Yay!" you say as you run into Starbucks.

Zayn follows you into Starbucks. He orders you two drinks. You sit down and wait for your coffee. When your coffee is called Zayn and you get up to go and get it. You grab your coffee and run. Zayn follows and you two go home. When you get home you see the other boys lounging around in the lounge. You walk in and yell as loud as you can

"Get off your Arses and come give me hugs!"

The boys jump up and run across the house to you. You laugh and so does Zayn. Niall was the first one to get to you. He gave you the famous Horan hug. Then Liam, Harry, Louis.

"Hey boys!" you say cheerfully.

~skips to end of day~

You were about to leave when Louis stopped you.

"Awww, come one Rosie! Please stay the night!" he pleads.

"I would but I have to go home and clean" you said making up a reason to go home.

"No! Your staying here!" Zayn said.

"Fine!" you say giving in.

"YAY!" all the boys yell.

These boys always makes you laugh.

"Truth or Dare!" Harry yelled.

You six sit in a circle. You put names on shredded paper and put those in a bowl so when it was a dare with two people you could draw a name.

"Truth or Dare? Niall?" you asked.

"DARE" he says.

"first pick a name from the bowl" you say as he picks a name out of the bowl.

"I dare whoever you picked to kiss for two minutes!" you say.

Niall blushes. He looks over at you. He gets up and sits next to you. He leans in and kisses you. You wrap your arm around his neck and he wraps his arms around your waist. He deepens the kiss as he sticks his tongue in your mouth. There was a chorus of wolf whistles. When you pull out of the kiss Niall stands up and drags you to another room.

"Rosie, Will you be my girlfriend?" Niall asked.

"Of course" You said with smile that shows your dimples.

Authors Note:

Sorry its late! I have been busy with all of my other stories! But I hope you liked it!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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