One Direction Imagines

I will do an imagine for whoever comments. REQUESTS CLOSED


11. Lili-Anna/ Harry

Lili-Anna's POV


Imagine that you and your best friend Harry were playing football (Soccer) and he was playing terribly. You were laughing so hard. He was pouting.

"That's not fair! Your better than me!" Harry pouted.

"I'm sorry Hazza! I would try and lose for you but its just to funny to watch you act like this!" you say to him.

"Oh you shouldn't of said that!" Hazza says as he chases you.

He chases you until he catches you and tickles you. You fall to the ground with Hazza tickling you. You start laughing so hard that you cant breath.

"Stop!..... Harold...... Cant....... Breath!" you scream.

Everyone else come running and pried Harry off of you. Allowing you to breath. You quickly regain your composure and stand up.

"Thanks lads" you say to everyone.

"Want to join me in playing football (Soccer)?" you ask and Lou instantly jumps up and down.

"Okay so I have Lou. Against the rest of you!" you say confidently.

"Alright your on!" Liam says.

~2 hour of playing football later~

You guys are on the ground out of breath. You sit up and look at all of the panting boys.

"Best 4 out of 5" Zayn yells.

"No! I want to go get Waffles and Orange juice! And you guys will always lose against me and Lou!" you yell at Zayn.

You six go to the house and you run to the fridge and pull out the huge jug of orange juice. You don't even grab a cup you just put the bottle to your lips and drink it. The boys walk in and just stare at you shocked. You put the juice back and look at the boys.

"What?" you ask.

"It's just we have never seen you do that before" Niall says a little shocked.

You laugh and just shake your head.

"I do that all the time! You guys are just always not around or asleep" you say.

"Well lets go and get some FOOD!" Hazza yells.

You and Niall take off to the car yells for the boys to hurry up.

"Like brother like sister" Liam yells so we could hear it.

When they walk up and you turn around and flip all of them off. You look at their faces and they look hurt and shocked. You just laugh and look at Niall and he looks really shocked at what you did.

~5 plates of waffles and 6 plates, all to yourself, later~

You all are at the house in the lounge. Talking about how much you can eat for being a girl. When all of the sudden you decide on a random game.

"Truth or Dare!" you shout.

"Lili Truth or Dare?" Lou asks.

"Truth!" you say.

"Do you have any one you like at the moment?" he asks and they all lean into hear your answer.

"Yes" you mumble.

Everyone's eyes went wide. And stared at you in a slight shock.

"Who is it?!" Hazza asks looking a little hurt.

"You" you unconsciously say quietly. You gasp and cover you mouth with your hand.

"What?" Hazza asks. 'Good he didn't hear me.' You thought.

"Did you just say you love me?" Hazza asks and you slowly nod.

"Finally!" Lou yells and the rest nod in agreement.

Harry removes your hand and crashes his soft lips to yours.

"Lili-Anna Will you go out to dinner with me?" Hazza asks as you two pull out from the kiss.

"Harold Edward Styles! Are you asking me on a date or to be your girlfriend?" you tease.

"Both!" he says and you giggle.

"Of course!" you say and kiss his soft lips again.

Authors Note:

Hope you liked it Mack<3s1d!

<3 Lovexxbugxx

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